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Froggie Faux Pas & The Investigation?

[Post New]by macophile on Mar 28, 15 5:11 PM
First off, this game is a blast! It's a clever adventure filled with humor & whimsy. The developers borrowed from the fairy tale sources and seamlessly finessed several of them together for this fun romp. This was a delightful change of pace from the dramatic doom & gloom of most Adventure, Casual and HOG games. I love it and hope to see more games that follow this meme BUT without becoming trite or banal.

While reading through all the comments here, there was one recurring theme that never seemed to be properly addressed:

The ½ Frog Conundrum: The game ends quite abruptly after helping 2 Frog Princes, while the Achievements, images and descriptions hints at 4 Frog Princes -- in short, we're shorted a couple Frogs.

Each time the ½ Frog subject comes up, the moderator comments that BF was only able to contractually offer just the first ½ of the game -- and acknowledges there is a complete version of the game available elsewhere. The moderator will then add that there is an "investigation" into the situation then asks for folks to comment on how many Frogs they actually got to help -- but then the thread is closed, only to resurface again with the same comments & request for Froggie Feedback & once again closed, and again...

It's been nearly a year since the ½ Frog Conundrum became a topic of conversation, yet without any resolution:

No word on investigation results.

No word on resolution over the ½ game, ½ Frog Conundrum.

Is Felix going to get the COMPLETE game (the ½ we are missing) for those of us who purchased the game? Will future purchasers get the FULL game? If not, will we be offered credit/refund (½ or whole)?

This also begs the question: Why in Felix's Big Blue Ocean (as opposed to "on God's Green Earth") did BF deliberately contract to distribute JUST ½ a game (this isn't even SE vs CE -- it is ½ a game)??? This is unlike anything else I've ever see BF do or offer -- in spite of all my BF purchases, my game library doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of all that Felix offers, but I've bought enough games to know this is highly unusual...

Thanx for an update!

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