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Post Your Personal Achievements Here for Others to Play/Beat

[Post New]by JB4510 on Mar 30, 15 8:55 AM
If you like this game as much as I do, you've probably created your own goals to achieve in subsequent replays. I think it would be fun to share such goals for others to play and/or try to beat. Please do share yours as well.

For example, this round, I am trying to see just how frugal I can be and how far I can get before I absolutely must purchase something to proceed. It is much more difficult! I had to restart three times before finally unlocking the crates and barrels at what I think is the bare minimum.I'm betting someone else can get farther spending less.

My play thus far is hidden in this spoiler-proof text (highlight to read): After purchasing the required rope per the game tutorial, I purchased a shovel, an axe, a torch, another rope, and five baskets before completing the hunting trading camp quest which unlocks the crates and barrels. I'm wondering if I could've done it without buying the baskets.

A few other ideas, (also hidden so as not to influence your creativity), are:
X amount of Gold in X amount of Time, i.e. 10K before finding Dad
X Amount of X Item upon Completion, i.e. selling as few fish as possible
Prohibited from Buying, Collecting, or Selling) X Item, i.e. no buying fruit to use at camp.

Share your goals below so we all have another excuse to spend even more time playing!

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Re:Post Your Personal Achievements Here for Others to Play/Beat

[Post New]by cbellcrm on May 23, 15 3:14 PM
I just replayed and did not purchase any grain or bread. I managed to do everything and still have 8 bread left over at the end. By not buying anything just for resale to make money, I had to manage money very carefully. I had to delay some things requiring bread until I ran across grain or flour, but that just made a unique sequence of events. Try it!

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