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Into which garden should a Grave Buster go?

[Post New]by slickmv on Jun 15, 09 11:27 PM
I've gotten a Grave Buster for my Zen garden, but I can't tell if it should stay in the daylight Zen garden or be moved to the mushroom garden. It seems to do equally well in both environments, and does not visibly sleep in the daylight garden, so I suppose that is where it should go, but... it *is* only used at night.

Of course, my Planterns are doing fine in the daylight garden, and *they* are only used at night, so...

I still haven't gotten any aquatic plants, darn the luck.

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Re:Into which garden should a Grave Buster go?

[Post New]by lordkalvan on Jun 16, 09 7:39 AM
Welcome to the pond!

I put mine in my daytime garden and it's doing just fine there.

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