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Level 17

[Post New]by Ariinya on Mar 31, 15 9:55 AM
Can anyone help me with this level? I can't finish it in 3 stars.

Also, I've watched the youtube video. I'd prefer it if someone gave me a step-by-step walkthrough. I can't seem to make heads or tails out of it otherwise. ^^;

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Re:Level 17

[Post New]by Janette5 on Mar 31, 15 2:09 PM
This is what I did - more or less, there are a few strategies:

Throughout the game
- watch the cherry trees and pick the cherries soonest you can.
- use the work faster bonus as soon as it becomes available, but be careful to not activate when your workers are just running around (because I keep doing that and then want to kick myself!).

1. Clear road to the left - pick the cherries
2. Now clear road up to warehouse
3. Build warehouse
4. Clear a pile of wood
5. Upgrade house
6. Now one worker clears the road to the farm and the other to the sawmill
7. Build and upgrade the farm
8. Build the sawmill and upgrade as wood becomes available
9. Upgrade house for 3rd worker
10. Now have workers clear road towards well and gold mine.
11. Build well, upgrade as resources become available
12. Build gold mine & upgrade gold mine same time.
13. Clear road towards quarry
14. Build quarry - you should be able to upgrade it as well.
15. Clear side road that splits off just before quarry.
16. Only now send a worker to go build the hunter's lodge.
17. Now stop using your work harder bonus - at this stage everything should be clear but there's a line of resources to collect leading up the large bridge.
18. Collect the resources, pick the cherries etc.
19. When you get to the animal send the hunter, part way on his trip the run faster bonus becomes available - use that.
19. Build the bridge and pay the messenger (use the work faster bonus if available.) I played this 2x now to write it down, the first time I had enough resources to pay the messenger immediately, the 2nd time the worker was a little bit down the road as I was waiting for gold - but he turned around. Both still gave me 3 stars.

Hint: Don't click too far ahead so that your worker when building something will remain there to upgrade it and not run off.

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Re:Level 17

[Post New]by Ariinya on Mar 31, 15 4:57 PM
Thanks so much! I'll give this a try! I always click too far ahead, and I also tend to turn on the work fast bonus right when there's nothing to do but pick stuff up. -.-

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Re:Level 17

[Post New]by Shazzammmm on Apr 6, 15 9:40 PM
Worked perfectly and I still had some time left up my sleeve.... thank you

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Re:Level 17

[Post New]by Wolfangels on Aug 27, 15 12:51 PM
Janette5, Ty so much!!! Now if I can just figure out 18 and a few more I'll be golden LOL ...

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