I bought it AFTER the trial and like it

[Post New]by aliciarose111 on Jun 16, 09 10:16 AM
I usually don't like these kinds of games and was kinda bummed it wasn't the normal make food, serve food type of diner game. After playing the trial though, I was hooked trying to get the trophys and ended up buying it. Four and a half hours later, I'm on the third "level" and keep trying it over to get all recipes and decorations before serving all customers or X winning. If you're not in it to try for the trophies tho, its a rather quick easy game I think. Also, heres a few tips I figured out so far.
If you see Flo walking around, click her for free advertising, She starts shouting your praises to the people on the street.
If you think the current days goal in the news is too hard, click go back to map, then resume your game, it will give you a different goal for the day. (Helpful if you can't afford to learn a certain recipe they want you to buy or sell x# of dinners to people you have no clue what they like and you don't want to spend $$ on research, then recipe, then ingrediants.
Hope this helps and enjoy the game!


Re:I bought it AFTER the trial and like it

[Post New]by tina041077 on Jun 16, 09 10:27 PM
Ahhh thanks for the tip!!! That last level is killing me!!! I will have to try that

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Re:I bought it AFTER the trial and like it

[Post New]by mamachi on Jun 17, 09 3:38 PM
I also want to thanks for the tips. I am at the 2. level so it is nice to know you can go to the map. I love this game too but it is not as nice as Fairy godmother.

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