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Level 29

[Post New]by LadyMorganFox on Apr 1, 15 6:13 PM
I think I've played this level for about one million times and i STILL can't find the way to get the 3 stars!

Everytime, I get so close!!!
Just 2 or 3 seconds more!

Does someone got the good strategy to pass it?

I've tried EVERYTHING!

Builduing the smith's first, than forgetting about the toad up-right but... NO WAY!

Please HELP!

That level is driving me nuts!!!!

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Re:Level 29

[Post New]by mjdixon on Apr 1, 15 8:29 PM
I watched the youtube video and found the secret to the beginning follow the video exactly. It made a huge difference and after playing this level at least ten times I finally got it with plenty of time to spare.

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Re:Level 29

[Post New]by LadyMorganFox on Apr 8, 15 3:54 AM
Thanks a lot, mjdixon!
I followed your advice, searching for the walkthrough on YT, and I finally made it!
I even finished the whole game, with gold on all levels and all the achievements!



Re:Level 29

[Post New]by jobarny on Apr 21, 15 1:16 AM
I still can't get level 29 even after watching both the you tube solutions. I just don't seem to be able to get the last swamp demon thing in gold time. I've done it about a million times. So much to clear before you get to the magician house and the well I run out of time by a few seconds. Hope someone can help it's very frustrating lol.

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Re:Level 29

[Post New]by Janette5 on Apr 21, 15 9:39 AM
Spoiler Alert - Level 29

1. Clear the road and chop the wood until you can upgrade your house.
2. One worker clears towards Blacksmith and one towards sawmill.
3. Clear wood only as far as you need the stone but leave the rest for later.
4. Build the Blacksmith first
5. Then build the sawmill and upgrade to level 2 as wood becomes available
6. Build the farm and upgrade to level 2 as wood becomes available
7. Clear the road towards the quarry and the end of the lane
8. Build and upgrade the quarry to level 3
9. Upgrade the house for an extra worker
10. Build the magician's hut and send him out to the frogs while you upgrade it.
11. Build the well and upgrade fully as stone becomes available
12. Run around and do the rest.

Important: Use the add resource bonus especially when collecting gold and potion but also in the beginning.

This is not a tight finish - you should have a few seconds spare at the end, just make sure during the game that your workers are never standing still and always pick the berries asap. The farm & sawmill are not upgraded past level 2 - it isn't necessary.


Re:Level 29

[Post New]by silverdove50 on Jul 25, 15 8:11 AM
Yes!!!! Thank you Janette5! That finally did it for me! Tried a gazillion times!

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