Far Fetched.... Nevertales:Beauty within

[Post New]by boariu1944 on Apr 2, 15 10:25 AM
All elements were there for a good story...but it didn't happen (for me). I found I used the hint button and walk thru wayy to much....not normal for me. I would have chucked the towel in, but I didn't want to waste my money...so I wasted my time.

Some special affects were nicely done as were the HO's, BUT the portal travel was really far fetched. Didn't need the owl friend...you wasted your creative talents on something I feel was NOT needed to get the job done.....SORRY! Things were taken (Jacks beans) without asking...and a table was chopped up for a clue. Is that "normal" behavior to teach our young? I know this is just a game! I think the creators need to put their thinking caps on for their next game. I'm sorry, I was NOT impressed at all.

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