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Level 8

[Post New]by lorilouz on Apr 2, 15 5:23 PM
I've improved to 2 stars but not 3. Which is the most helpful; increased resources, extra person or frozen time? I've used a little of all 3 but would be curious what helped others make 3 stars.

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Re:Level 8

[Post New]by Janette5 on Apr 3, 15 1:27 AM
With this level I gave myself an extra worker upfront as step 1.

I used the extra resources initially and afterwards when collecting gold.

This level has a lot of extras that you don't need to do and they take up your time. So to get 3 stars the trick is to do only what is necessary and not do everything else.

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Re:Level 8

[Post New]by Brackenlady on Apr 3, 15 1:57 PM
I found this one a challenge too. In addition to what Janette says, I finally did it by:

timing extra resources to start with when I was about to collect wood
upgrading the sawmill as soon as possible and before building the hunter's lodge
using the extra worker once or twice once over the bridge and when there are a lot of things to do

And finally I found I was running out of time for the hunter to get to the final trap top centre. So I got him to wait to do the top right trap until I had nearly cleared the road to the top centre trap so he did not have to run far to do it.

Hope this helps

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