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Tips and Tricks for Stand O' Food 2

[Post New]by bfgErie on Aug 19, 08 6:28 PM
Keep Your Customers Happy – You will earn the most money from customers whose mood meters are in the yellow. Move quickly and use your machinery to earn extra tips.

Power Ups and Machinery – The early levels of the game can be completed without any help from anything you can purchase from the store. However once you get through the first few levels, things get a little tougher and you’ll need to rely on extra tools to sort the conveyer belt and keep the customers smiling.

Jukebox – We found that by keeping the jukebox going, we were able to keep our customers waiting a little longer. Be sure to keep your computer speakers on, so you know when the jukebox needs another click to get started again.

These are just a few suggestions that will help with Stand O' Food 2. If you have any general tips to share, please post them here


Re:Tips and Tricks for Stand O' Food 2

[Post New]by BumsWeR on Oct 2, 08 1:31 PM
I want to thank you for the Tips and Tricks for Stand of Food 2. I love Stand of Food 1 and replay it often.

Several issues that I have had are as follows:

1. My guy moves slowly and even stalls. Is there any suggestions for this? I have had the game totally freeze on me also. This has never happened with the first installment.

2. Your notation about the Jukebox... I have my speakers on and have never heard the jukebox. I have to watch for the musical symbols to appear and disappear. Is there a reason that you might know of as to why I do not hear the jukebox?

Happy Gaming,



Re:Tips and Tricks for Stand O' Food 2

[Post New]by Karlawm on Aug 4, 12 11:08 PM
Hi, maybe this is a BASIC question but I am a new player for this game.
I have some issues gringo to serve 3 or more sauces. Could you tell me how to do that? I have to follón some order or something? Beca use until now I cannot do that.
Thanks a not for your help.


Re:Tips and Tricks for Stand O' Food 2

[Post New]by Karlawm on Aug 4, 12 11:10 PM
Correcting some spelling mistare in my Message before. I tried to serve three or moré sauces and I do not why I cannot be able to do that.
Thanks a lot for your help


Re:Tips and Tricks for Stand O' Food 2

[Post New]by Dominguez2000 on Oct 8, 12 6:08 PM
Any chance of offering the users a patch for the game stalling, the sauce machine inaccessible because it's behind another machine, and unable to pass the lasagna level in top right? It would be really cool for you guys to do that. Or did the programmers go out of business? I'll have to see who the game creator is and maybe get the ball rolling on improving the game.

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