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[Post New]by JeffRut on Jun 17, 09 8:14 AM
Hi All, this is my first post.

Just wanted to say that my hubby and I LOVE the first beach craze. I just demo'd this, and it is a little different, as there are several beaches to master. However, for the life of me, I can't figure out how to get the people to match to the photographs. Anyone play this and have and idea how they match????!!!??? That is probably the only reason I may not purchase this game. I luv the concept and the challenges, and the mini games are a new experience and very refreshing.

I also can't figure out if you can replay a level to get expert like the last game. Anyone find a way to do that?

Any advise or help would be great!!!




[Post New]by amandal85 on Jun 17, 09 8:31 AM
With the photographs, you're supposed to match the position of the person's head to the position of the hole in the photo, e.g. a short person in the middle needs a photo with the hole in the centre at the bottom. Hope that makes sense?



[Post New]by voguedress on Apr 18, 14 8:04 PM
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