When I was doing the souvenirs part of the game I discovered.....

[Post New]by glitter2goldfish on Apr 4, 15 10:19 PM
Hi folks. Just thought I would mention that when I was doing the souvenirs collecting and the game was taking me from scene to scene to get them I noticed some objects that were morphing!!! I took note of a few of the scenes and yes...the objects were definitely morphing. I was really surprised at the time, however when I was going through and finding all the parable items I had missed during the game and the bonus game and there were at least four or five I had missed I realized that the morphing items were the missing parable items. Crazy...but it is true. Just thought it was rather interesting the game reacted this way because when I was collecting the souvenirs I clicked on the morphing items but nothing happened. Once I was trying to find the parable items the morphs reacted and were the missing parable items. Strange but like I said it is true. I love that this game allows you to go back in and get the stuff you missed without having to replay the whole game to get all of the achievements.

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