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Kiss of Death for Sacra Terra Mac Version?

[Post New]by macophile on Apr 5, 15 11:33 AM
This game is aptly named: it is cursed with the Kiss of Death, at least, on the Mac...

I DL'd the Mac demo & it froze up in the middle of launching. First time, it froze at the point of being told to "click to continue" & had to do a forced quit. Decided to try again a little later & it got to the menu, but the #&@#! custom cursor wouldn't budge. Did another forced quit. Relaunched & I toggled on the Accessibility controls so I could move the cursor using the arrow keys -- hoping to get to Options with the added hope of seeing if toggling OFF the #&@#! custom cursor would give me control. That went over like a lead balloon. I'm not going to try any more -- if the game developers have such little pride in their work & no respect for Mac users, then I don't have any need to fork over MY money for their drek.

So, with that in mind let me tell you what I've taken to doing with the Adventure & HOG games.

1) Read the reviews before wasting your time. I start out by having the oldest review lead off -- if the date is more than 2 years, I may still try the demo but I won't get my hopes too high that it will run well.

2) When I do run the games, whenever the ability is granted to the player, I turn off the custom game cursor. I don't know WHOSE "bright" idea it was to code in oversized ornate cursors, but I wish it would stop -- those cursors often make the game sluggish and/or jerky, and make the gameplay as fun as watching paint dry! Do we REALLY need cursors that can be up to an inch or more? It's almost as if the developers are trying to overcompensate for their game's inadequacy by distracting us with a fancy, oversized, ornate cursor (ooh, pretty, and shiny, my precious...). Size does matter -- that's WHY the cursors SHOULD be kept down to a normal size.

Of course, this does NOTHING for games that choke, crash & burn AFTER you've completed the 1 hour demo, forked over your cash, then discovered a bug that affects all Mac users at the same spot in the game (a good example is "Myths of the World: Of Fairies & Fiends" -- it is impossible to play after removing the tarp from the creepy portrait in the upstairs pub... So, I'm adding a 3rd step to my process, hoping to avoid getting burned again:

3) Browse through the forum for each game, paying CLOSE attention to any posts that specifically address the Mac version and tech issues. Getting burned can still happen -- but this should limit the epic fails & the clamoring for refunds for hoplessly buggy, games...

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Re:Kiss of Death for Sacra Terra Mac Version?

[Post New]by bfgBellerophon on Apr 5, 15 1:39 PM
Hi macophile,

I'm so sorry to hear that this particular game keeps freezing on your Mac computer. I definitely know how frustrating this can be. Doesn't make things fun.

If you are willing to troubleshoot, I definitely recommend to look at the help page Game Crashing, Freezing, or Blank Screen or contact our Technical Support Team. They are always willing to help get everything up and running for you.

I hope this helps! Feel free to PM any of the moderators if you have any questions.


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