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Don't have 50 fluorite? Here's the solution:

[Post New]by tuskel on Apr 6, 15 4:18 AM
If you, like me, use your items, then by the time the boy in the jungle asks you to help him find 50 fluorite, you have hardly any left.

However, you do not have to buy them. Instead, in the item shop, on the left, there is light-haired boy who asks for your help to find special Ki crystals in the Great Forest. Take the quest and you'll be transported to the scene, although with slightly different monsters and layout. Kill everything you see - Silver Pagas often drop fluorites and you can level up twice while you are in there. You do have to do it on your own, though - the boy who asked your help doesn't fight. You can do the quest several times in a row, if needed.

Also, (as far as I have experienced), if you have Vanessa in your party and you try to leave the screen in a storyline quest, she heals everyone.



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