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This game still has glitches!

[Post New]by chevyqueen on Apr 6, 15 6:26 AM
I bought all of the items from the golf shop. I got stars on all of the courses. I won all of the trophies. In the "world records", it showed that I had bought 19 items. Now it is down to 13. This is not the first time this problem has been mentioned.

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Re:This game still has glitches!

[Post New]by Capatin on May 6, 15 11:40 AM
I to am still having problems with this game like with the trophy of run of 8 cards or more in red and black I have done this like 5 times now and still no trophy people at BFG this is becoming a pattern it seems like on a lot of games with runtime errors and crashes and so on it is not always us the buyers please fix these things

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