More games like this?

[Post New]by REIDDEBSTER on Apr 6, 15 7:53 PM
I love this game. How come there is no part 2? Can anyone suggest another game like this?

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Re:More games like this?

[Post New]by aleutcia on Apr 16, 15 6:00 PM
This is also one of my favorite games. There is not anything exactly like this but here are a few that are along the same lines and are also my favorites. I replay all of these again and again.

Paradise Beach
Paradise Beach 2
Totem Tribe
Totem Tribe Gold
Youda Camper
Youda Marina

Unfortunately they don't seem to make these good games anymore. We seem to be inundated with the Hidden Object games. They are a dime a dozen now and they all seem to be the same. I don't like HO games and anything different on this site is few and far between. Good luck.

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