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[Post New]by mamameemee on Jul 15, 10 10:11 AM
bfgFlounder wrote:Welcome to Blood Oath forum! This is your place to ask questions, share tips, and connect with other Blood Oath players.

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[Post New]by ladygoofy on Jul 21, 10 1:33 AM
Just wondering how many hours of game play I will get from this game before I decide to buy it or Not...



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[Post New]by kahlida1 on Aug 8, 10 9:28 PM
I. too, am stuck on the detenator thing. anyone out there that can help?


BTW.....I love the Riven sort of play, the back and forth, and remembering where things are... Very well thought out game, unlike most of the HOGs et all;
really miss the Riven and Myst series. I really hope someone will pick up where they left off!!!!!



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[Post New]by barbette57 on Sep 27, 10 12:15 PM
i love this game, haven't had any problems with it but i can't seem to find the fang necklace the map doesn't make any sense now, it did before and was a great help but for 2 months now i keep going back to see if i can find it hoping i might see it but i can't, can anyone shed any light on this so i can continue


Welcome to Blood Oath forum

[Post New]by a9505509 on Dec 20, 10 5:07 PM
Hello all!

Will there be a sequel for the game? I really enjoyed playing it twice in a row to see both endings, the second time took me roughly 60mins.


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[Post New]by sexykeil on Jun 9, 11 10:04 PM
Paige shot me...took all my things went back to entryway and met both Tristian and Paige...things where returned... back to attic ... Cannot place anything anywhere.... relic now says restore not dismantle and my things are for dismantle?
I really like this game!


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[Post New]by reeree444 on Jun 5, 12 3:55 PM
Can someone please tell me how to get out of the kitchen, I have looked every where and cant find the way out, HELP!!!

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[Post New]by blashwood on Jan 5, 13 2:34 PM
b00kworm wrote:
1massage wrote:I'm having the same problem as arsenals! It just will not let me pick up the last bullet. HELP!

The game is extremely sensitive when it comes to the positioning of the cursor. Try clicking at another area of the bullet. I played through three times already and always could finish, so it's not a bug or a glitch.

I am having the same problem AND I HAVE clicked in every conceivable area on or around the 6th bullet. Is there a fix for this?


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[Post New]by redbeauty48 on May 5, 13 11:46 AM
I had the same problem with the bullet and also the blue lobster claw in the bathroom. I just exited the game and came back in and was able to click on these items. I hope that helps.
A question: Is there a part 2?

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