Re:Your Comments and reviews for Be a King 2

[Post New]by betterthanqwerty on Apr 29, 12 12:25 PM
Worth the $7 but still a bit glitchy. As just one example, timed mode is incorrect, you actually get 1 week and 1 day less for each level [Gold, Silver, Bronze] than is required according the list of times given when you start. Probably because they are checking off the wrong counter - the counter show in the game is an 'in the time of' counter, i.e. 1 week 1 day means you are in the first week and 1st day so the elapsed time is less than a day. The time is up counter [if you have time management on] uses the counter shown in the game as the elapsed time.

Achieving Gold for all levels is moderately difficult and achieving that will probably give you some 5-10 hours of enjoyment. It's probably worth playing a few times so the cost should run to less than $0.50/hr. Not a bad price for entertainment.

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