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Re:SPOILERS - Only read if you've COMPLETED the game!!!

[Post New]by Signe28 on Oct 27, 10 9:21 PM
Like Satexasgirl I too am glad I read thru this thread. I could not believe that last cut scene was black!!!! ARGH!!! But thanks so much for telling us what it was...I thought I understood the story line but reading thru this I may not have. I cracked up at the person who mentioned the snake in the bag...I have to admit I felt bad about it too! Poor thing!

For better or worse here's my take: I thought the hero and his sister were in their boat and he was diving. He came up with one of the snake statues and that started the boat crashing on shore, etc. Then he spent the first part of the game running around looking for his sister and finally rescuing her. But he became infected in doing so. When he did rescue Angela she tried to stab him cuz he was changing into a monster. He feel overboard and got zapped with something, but made it back to land ( at this point I thought he was pretty much a monster but stillt thinking straight). He worked his way to the lighthouse and notified the boat. I thought the boat would come for him but I never saw the final scene. I wondered if the boat did make into the dock if it would have taken him on board.

I guess I thought the game was linear and after reading thru some of the other plot summations I may have this totally wrong...I guess I have now joined the ranks of confused and am still worrying about the snake in the bag!!!!


Re:SPOILERS - Only read if you've COMPLETED the game!!!

[Post New]by jenifercher on Jan 12, 11 4:05 PM
I think everyone is correct about the plot. But I think the reasoning why Angela tried to kill him definitely was because of the treasure. Remember, at the beginning, he was looking for the key to the boat and she had put it in her purse and he was wondering why she did that? He thought it must be out of habit. Then she wanted to see the statue because she thought it was "valuable"? It totally makes sense now but I did have to read what other peoples opinions were first.

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Re:SPOILERS - Only read if you've COMPLETED the game!!!

[Post New]by Janie42 on Aug 18, 11 7:01 AM
Excellent thread - thanks all for your take on the plot.

I had the missing final cutscene glitch plus I'd missed the point/info from some clues collected along the way.

Still, storyline/plot jumped beyond the "clever or mysterious-to-follow" full into the "hardly makes sense" realm IMO !

Game was fun to play, but too much needless running to & fro.
Lovely graphic & cutscenes, some great puzzles, & I appreciate the effort to have given us a deep, complex storyline, yet in this case, it seems a bit too deep !

(I felt sorry for the snake too. )

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Re:SPOILERS - Only read if you've COMPLETED the game!!!

[Post New]by AFlowers on Nov 18, 11 11:24 AM
Well, I too purchased the CE, played it completely through, played the bonus chapter, and was left totally in the dark.

All the comments in this thread lead me to the same conclusion as others here. The artifact caused Angel to lose it and attack him.

After reading this thread, now I will have to play through again just to see if this theory fits the game play.

If any of the developers sees this thread, perhaps they could offer some explanation. One of the most confusing games ever!

Any other ideas welcome.

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