Problem with finding all of the map-Sept 2011

[Post New]by HawaiiGamer on Sep 22, 11 5:06 PM
Apparently finding the map pieces probs has been occuring since 2010 - I got this game in Aug 2011 and assume I have the latest version. After the cake and all the contests are done, I just sit and wait for apparently these map pieces to appear randomly. Just as apparent that this boring part of the game has not been fixed or addressed. Other than the catapillars and trying to keep the storage unit empty there is nothing much to do.

The entire game has stopped while waiting for these mysterious pieces to appear whenever they feel like it. Not fun at all. Folks are talking about a telescope of which I've not reached that level.

I also notice that the Mods have not answered this map finding from last year. If I'm wrong please post a reply as to how to find the map pieces. Only another gamer said they appear randomly so I can only go by what they say.

From other posts not having the entire collection is not necessary for the game to progress or end. if anyone has updated info pls. post here. thank you



can't load save file... help me

[Post New]by kollol on Mar 4, 12 11:15 AM
play this game.. but last night i play then go to bed and next morning i play the game but game not to start.. why?

when i load my saved file then a error show..

" The instruction at 0x0046c5ff referenced memory at 0x0000005c. The memory could not be written.

Click on OK to Terminate the program."

plz anybody help me....


Re:Post any Farm Tribe technical issues here only

[Post New]by jsturtle7 on Mar 16, 14 2:57 PM
I recently bought and installed this game. However, it does not save my progress. Even if I start a new player and game. Once I close out of the game everything gets erased. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the game.

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