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[Post New]by monkeyface881 on May 9, 11 9:59 AM
Hi fishies, I too am also confused by the ending and unanswered questions, but I did enjoy the game- even the twist at the end!

As far as I can understand it:

Angel is just a gold-digger and only wanted the guy's valuable treasure.
She killed him to get a valuable artefact for herself.

Unfortunately, the guy happens to fall upon a mystical statue under water which revives him, but in the form of some freaky zombie lizard.

Throughout the game there are references to water, so I assume that the WATER on the island is poisened and causes everyone to turn into zombie lizards.

Alongside the zombie lizards- the surviving residents of the island seem to have formed a cult. Maybe they were using Angel as a sacrifice?

The guy seems to have lost his memory that Angel killed him, so throughout the game he picks up on little bits of information which happened just before he fell in the water.

At the very end, Angel wakes up and sees that her guy (who she already killed at the begining) is a zombie lizard, so she kills him all over again and only then does the guy remember what happened.

Bit of a complicated storyline, and I'm still unsure on a lot of things, but this is just how I understand it.

I really enjoyed this game, and loved the little tidbits of information that you get about the residents of the town and the people on the boat. SO interesting and creepy, but very confusing! Would love to find out more!

Please let us know if NOT drinking the kettle water makes a difference to the game!


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[Post New]by grronat on May 14, 11 10:21 PM
I also have to say thumbs down to the ending. It was quite abrupt and very unsatisfying. Also, too many questions left in my brain.

The game itself was okay, but not terribly challenging; it was a pretty easy game for me. I did not have to look for hints outside the game except in how to operate the crane. Once I got that figured out I was good to go. Well, I did get lost once in the tree fog while looking for the three boxes to unlock.

This wasn't an awful game, but I've played lots of better ones.

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Re:The ending

[Post New]by Sprattie on Oct 9, 11 6:11 PM
Good game with interesting puzzles but a real downer of an ending. I did all this work to save Angel and that's all there is? Cheez.

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Re:The ending

[Post New]by whatleyk on Mar 28, 12 7:22 PM
I did not drink the water in the bar. I had the same disappointing ending as everyone else. I also had the same 3 inventory items left over. I really didn't like the part about the woman & her unborn child dying of thirst while bricked into the room. There were too many unanswered questions, & too much extraneous information lying around. A few people have mentioned sequels/prequels. I'm only glad I bought this game during the Presidents Day sale & didn't pay full price!

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[Post New]by blueskies01 on Jun 5, 12 9:51 PM
So many threads of the plot left hanging, with an ending that's inexplicably bizarre (uncool, not offbeat). No internal logic to the game, unfortunately.

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[Post New]by Chrissy06 on Jun 18, 12 8:52 AM
[b]Ending? What ending. The last part of my game was him in the sub. Then it was over. What the heck kind of ending is that. I felt like I had read a book and found out the last chapter was ripped out. I am so mad!!

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[Post New]by underwriter on Aug 7, 12 5:06 PM
Chrissy06 wrote:[b]Ending? What ending. The last part of my game was him in the sub. Then it was over. What the heck kind of ending is that. I felt like I had read a book and found out the last chapter was ripped out. I am so mad!!

I was there, and I figured there MUST be a cutscene, so I went back out, raised the submersible, reapplied the oxygen, took off the hose (the first time I tried to turn the pump off first and it was already off, so that must have been wrong), turned off the pump, lowered the submersible again, got in again, and then I got the infamous cutscene.

I gather in the sequel she can't sleep. Well, no blessed wonder!


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[Post New]by callanetics on Oct 1, 12 4:28 PM
I liked the ending alot! What a laugh. The usual 'ending' consists of milking the game for another installment. I guess that could still happen but in the meantime Quel suprise! C'est magnifique!

I always have the sound off on these games so I may not have been as emotionally invested as some of you. I was amused.

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