Re:Ravenhearst Manor-return to ravenhurst

[Post New]by 21Nina12 on May 13, 12 12:08 AM
Sure there must be something wrong with my game. Everyone in the forum is talking about graveyards, toy shops, schools, other stuff at the gate like rusty knives etc I cannot find anything else to put in my inventory. I have been stuck for 2 days going over everything with a fine tooth comb & I'm not even getting any other places to search or hidden item puzzles to collect items from. This is very frustrating I have only the front gate, steps to house & well, left the boarded up window & right the kitchen & lounge and garden. I have got the moon from the statue & have put it in place & have wrench, machine belt, garden clippers, trumpet, V typewriter key, wet cloth & none of these work on any area I have tried the lot. I have tried the door with diagram of skeleton cant get it to do anything & have followed blog advice. I searched for a handle in the bushes only bushes available are at the luck, there is no bookshelf so cant search that. All the clues relate to areas I cant access !!


Re:Kitchen in Ravenhearst Manor

[Post New]by DreaDemonic on Dec 11, 12 11:39 AM
I put the 3 eyeballs in the top 3 spots and turned the handles all the way and the eye in the center is almost clear and keeps blinking, but the door will not open, and it won't let me put the eyeballs in different spots. What can I do?


Re:Kitchen in Ravenhearst Manor

[Post New]by lilone191 on Feb 26, 13 5:10 AM
I read about the rusty knives I've been looking for, someone said said front gate? How and where? Also how do I fix, kitchen leak and basement leak and what's up with the hair dryer?
HELP!!! I also got up into the attic with rotting food but can't find my way back in there, where is it located?
Any help would be great, hours of searching, lol

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