A letter to BFG

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[Post New]by roxiestar74 on Jan 26, 11 2:42 AM
mycatluna wrote:

If it was indeed a glitch on their end, most everyone would be experiencing the same problem or at least those with a similar operating system. When that happens, a patch is released to fix the problem as soon as possible. This is the only gaming site I know of that cares enough to even issue a patch!

It seems to me that people forget that a computer is a machine. As much as we all like to think that nothing is wrong with our PC's and if there is a problem with the game it MUST be BFG or the developers--most of the time it is not the case. Our computers could have dozens of little issues that we wouldn't necessarily know were even there...until an issue pops up, like being unable to play a game.

I just wish people would stop being so quick to blame BFG and the developers without first recognizing that the problem might actually be (gasp) their own computers!

Game works fine on this end and seems to work find for many others that have posted. If there was a glitch, there would be numerous people with the same issue as a glitch is an error in the programming.

That's great that the game works for you, but considering that the technical issues thread on this game is as long as the reviews thread, there might actually be a problem with this game. So either a lot of people have problems with their computers or there is a glitch that affects some people's systems, but might not affect others, like yours. I think the latter could be a possibility. Maybe you should have looked at the tech issues thread in this forum before you decided to declare that there is no glitch. You can't know that for sure, and I don't know for sure if there is one, but there are an awful lot of people that are having problems with this game.

I complained to Customer Service about the problem I had, which is white patches popping up on the screen that is getting in the way of my gameplay. In the tech issues thread, many other people complained about having the same problem. Maybe we all have bad computers (although I try my best to keep mine up to date, and I know I have the latest Flash, Shockwave, Direct X etc. and I updated my video card not too long ago) or maybe there actually is a problem with the game. At the very least, I hope that everyone who is having a problems will gets in touch with Customer Service, so that if there needs to be a fix, they will be aware of it.

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Re:A letter to BFG

[Post New]by BillTheOne on Jan 27, 11 1:47 PM
I`ve played the demo,bought the game and have had no problems with the game.I have only had problems with 3 games out of 180 games that I bought.I have played them on my laptop with Vista/6GB Ram. my desk tops with Win.XP/4GB Ram and Win.7 with 16GB Ram. BFs games With no virsus`es to me ars the BEST

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Re:A letter to BFG

[Post New]by ledheadmelli on Jan 27, 11 5:40 PM
There is a guy at tech support named Jared. Can't speak highly enough about this young (?) man! Always kind, patient, quick with a response and speaks to you like a human being. Tells you every step of the way how to fix the problem without making you feel like an idiot or expecting you to know advanced computer skills.
If all else fails, his apologies are sincere and a game credit is issued.
If you can get ahold of him, I promise you your frustration level will go way down and you might even find a way to play that game you want so bad. I'll bet BFG employs a lot of people like Jared, which explains their success in the gaming world.
I agree it seems unfair to be sold something that should work, but just won't. But you will find that this has to do with the game itself or your computer - not Big Fish. And as another poster said, the grass is certainly not greener at any other site. In fact, it is brown and dead.

Thanks, Jared and everyone at BFG, for giving me way more value every month than my $7 can buy anywhere else!

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Re:A letter to BFG

[Post New]by angelfish106 on Jan 29, 11 8:06 AM
Rainbow Explorer makes an excellent point about contacting the developer directly if you have issues with a game. As a case in point, I know many fishies emailed the makers of MKFTP2 when the 'skip' option for mini-games wasn't available. This was addressed within a few days. Not a glitch with the game of course but it does show that developers take notice.

There clearly is an issue with this game for many people; I have not encountered any problems with it and it's rare for a game not to run on my PC, although not unheard of. Mostly it's with the games running so slowly they're unplayable. However I did on one occasion ask a friend to try a particular game and he did not have this problem. So clearly it was my computer that wasn't compatable for some reason, not an issue with the game. I think it's true to say that everyone automatically assumes it's a glitch and can't possibly be their PC that simply doesn't like the game. There have been some glitches but not everything is BFG's fault.

It may be worth mentioning PC 'housekeeping'. Sometimes a cluttered PC can slow things down or cause other problems (I realise many people probably do this regularly but some may not). I use a programme called CCleaner to delete temporary files and cookies every day. My PC is defragged once a week and I have 3 different anti-virus/malware/spyware programmes to check for problems (might be overkill but after I got a virus that resulted in having to wipe my entire PC clean, I'm paranoid!). I read so many posts about technical issues with games but I rarely seem to get the same problem. I use Vista HP and my PC is 3 years old. Maybe I'm just lucky and I do sympathise with players who have these problems. But I also feel sorry for BFG, who must wonder sometimes what's hit them. The criticisms they are receiving lately have become harsh to the point of being cruel and in my opinion, unjustified. Show me a better Customer Service department and games at this price elsewhere; I don't think you'll find it.

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[Post New]by WickedGirl on Feb 11, 11 10:22 AM
As an aside of sorts....I have tried to contact the developer of Stroke of Midnight five times in the last month. I have received no response on any of those occasions.
Also, no one is as fanatical about PC housekeeping as I am. No one....but, I have a glitch in SOM that will not let me play any further into the game. This is not due to my PC's age, my OS, my PC housekeeping or the time of day or weather. This is clearly a defect in the programing of the game, and although I love BFG, they need to get the glitches fixed. I did not pay money for something just to get use of only about half of it.

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Re:A letter to BFG

[Post New]by Janet21ll on Feb 14, 11 12:32 AM
I have also had a few problems lately with games. I had problems loading Stroke of midnight. BF customer service made a suggestion to me that has worked and allows me to play the game. But now I am playing it, I'm coming across other problems. I am in the bedroom at the start of the game looking for the parts of the letters. Using a walkthrough I found all the parts shown there but they game says I still need to find one. There is not another part to be found. So now I am completely stuck at that part.
I also had trouble with the Salem witch trials game which started after I finished the game and someone else wanted to play. The game would not save where they were up to.
It seems to me that problems are starting now the games are more complex. I like the hidden object games. In the past they would just be page after page of hidden object puzzles. But now there is game play inbetween and for me personally, that's where the problems start. It dosn't happen very often but it's very annoying when you are looking forward to playing a game.

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Re:A letter to BFG

[Post New]by TedsMum10 on Dec 21, 13 11:15 AM
When I first got my Kindle Fire HD, I was BF's biggest fan. I loved their PC games like the Awakening series and Botanica. I got the two Empress of the Deep games just after buying the Kindle and loved those and some that followed on the Amazon Appstore (which is the only place we can get apps for Kindle). I used to buy almost immediately a new Big Fish game appeared!

However in the last six months or so we have had continual problems with games which don't work properly. I have had at least seven games with serious problems. The last two offerings have been withdrawn from sale because there was no progress with fixes after 10 days, and so many bad reviews. The Free trial worked on both games but as soon as the Full Game was purchased the app stopped working and crashed continually.

I have given up buying immediately now.... partly because we are fed about dreadful diet of graveyards and vile looking monsters (even worse - Freemium is now creeping in....) and partly because I don't trust them to work until I see reviews.

I have written many times to Customer Services and find they only end up sending me to Amazon for a Refund. I appreciate that they can't do this as only Amazon can for stuff bought at the Appstore. But that is not the point. I want games that WORK first time for the Kindle - and in the same quantities that iPad get. Android, a version of which is the OS for Kindle Fire HD, is on a massive number of mobile devices now and yet after all this time Big Fish are not producing many games or that work properly on it but instead treat us like the poor relation, concentrating on iPad and PC.

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