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[Post New]by Handyhand on Jun 28, 12 12:52 PM
I just started a new game, I remember from when I beat the last one some tips about the rascal. It takes about 6 or 7 earth quakes to get the rascal when you get the 800 points. Until then, I put a nursing mom or another kid (if I have two) next to the bridge near the weeping purple mask Master Farmer. Sometimes if it's the correct spot, she will get stuck there and so will the orange masks and/or rascal. If you have the stream puzzle finished, then use the butterflies to lure one of your children and rascal. When the butterflies go away, drag your child into the tier quickly before rascal goes away to torment the rest of the village. Rascal will get stuck there and will stay until you restart the game or something. The same goes with the bridge with the nursing mommies that I told you.
I know many of you won't listen to this or even bother to look at it, but please do because I beat this game once and I want to pass the info to you.

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Re:Do you ever get rid of the little shi....

[Post New]by emila01 on Aug 9, 12 5:17 PM
Handyhand wrote:Here are all th? tips and stuff. I have finished all the puzzles and converted the Heathen Cheif. Here is info for the Rascal:


There is a orange masked kid called th? Rascal (you should know) and she tarrorizes the whole village. How to get rid of her without God Powers (next) I will teach you.

The first thing I would suggest is drag a nursing mother over to the bridge next to the pools. (you don't have to have the Rainbow Totem destroyed) Then, take a villager (a kid or adult) to wherever the orange masks are. (To the little brat or any orange mask) The villager must be one you can spare and you must have quick fingers. Drop your villager on the orange mask(s) and then pick him or her up again. Drag them to the nursing mommie and yank your villager away as the heathen gets next to the mommie. The heathen will jump up and down but the mommy will remain stuck and do will the brat.

Here's another one;
You must have puzzle ten the lake done. Drop a child in the lake. Then lure the Rascal to the child in the lake. There you go.


You use Earthquake to convert the Rascal. Once you have 400 energy, use Fog of Doom if you don't have Earthquake. The little brat and th? orange or red masks won't see your villagers and they won't see them. This god power wears of after a while, but you will have probably stored up enough energy so you can do that again.

Use Earthquake to convert the Rascal. I don't know how many times but I've used it six times and she hasn't converted.

Use this info or say something back. Please respond!!

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Re:Do you ever get rid of the little shi....

[Post New]by MaddiWolfe on Nov 2, 12 5:02 AM
puzzlingmom77 wrote:Take a villager (one that you can spare) and get the little sh*t's attention. Drag your villager slowly, luring the heathen, until they both stop moving. Press "M"-go to the map-then click and return to the village. Your villager will have then frozen themselves and the heathen in place.

Works on adult orange masks as well.

Thanks a lot for this. I've been trying to find a way to get rid of that pain in the ****. It works great!


Re:Do you ever get rid of the little shi....

[Post New]by WillowEmi on Dec 8, 12 10:29 PM
These crack me up. xD And, yes, that little crap is annoying as heck! >:o Maybe I'll try that glitch myself...

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