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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Blue Madonna: A Carol Reed Mystery

[Post New]by FeyKina on Feb 27, 11 5:29 PM
Sorry, but If I am going to put that much time in LF game, I want something more than dull reality with bad photography of ordinary folks. I have not played the CR games but I doubt I ever shall after this demo. Getting around her apt. was time consuming and silly with nothing to interact with. (except her tooth brush) I know it is too soon to give a real fair critique but this is just not how I want to spend my leisure time.


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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Blue Madonna: A Carol Reed Mystery

[Post New]by lilTweet7 on Feb 28, 11 4:12 PM
I purchased the game, because I have played all the CR games previously, and I do enjoy the photorealism in the games. They are slow moving, but I love the logic solving aspect in her games. They are also a little dry, but that is ok. The challenge is still worth it.

With that said however, call me an anal-retentive clean-neat freak if you will, but one thing that always grinds me in playing her games, is the overwhelming impulse to want to jump right into the scenes and clean everything up... including some of the characters! The mess, filth, clutter, drives me insane! For starters, I would love to organize that dang art studio, and redecorate the homes of these people!!! Sorry, but some folks are just slobs, and money or lack thereof has nothing to do with being neat, clean, and having a little decorating sense.

Other then that, it is a great game, as long as I ignore some of the visual 'blah yuck' aesthetic aspects in the game. LOL I'm just beginning the game now too, so I hope I can complete it, without regurgitating.

I'm sure I will catch a lot of hell for this comment! Ha ha! Just sharing my honest opinion, but I realize everyone has their own sense of taste, which I respect, but this is a review regarding anything about the game, so I mentioned my opinion.

Finally, despite being a hard drive hog, the game runs pretty smooth on my PC, though a little sluggish between scene changes (guess I'm a little impatient), and I love the no hint factor... makes it more challenging.

Side Note: I do wish developers would start making more games that are photorealistic of places around the world. That IMO (in my opinion), would be awesome! I like cartoon sketched too, but a variety would be welcomed.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Blue Madonna: A Carol Reed Mystery

[Post New]by Maven on Mar 3, 11 9:14 PM
To me, this Carol Reed game is like the teething toy for folks ALMOST ready to cut their teeth on a real adventure game.
For adventure game lovers, a waste.
For those learning this genre, a tutorial.
Not a buy for me.


Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Blue Madonna: A Carol Reed Mystery

[Post New]by sunshinefisher on Mar 6, 11 6:08 AM
I've been a member of BF for years, but I've always been a "lurker". I find other's reviews and helpful hints enough for whenever I am interested in using a credit, or if I should get stuck. I'm a fan of CasualGran, she and I have similar tastes in games, tho one or two times I've purchased games she was not overly fond of. Goofy and Dr are also very good reviewers!!

I was THRILLED to see a NEW Carol Reed story!! When I first joined BF, it was all about ****'s, I was hooked. I had never ever done any Adventure games, cuz being a grandma myself, I didn't think I had the aptitude for them. I tried a Carol Reed during a lengthy dry spell of ****'s and was immediately HOOKED!! She was my first Adventure game and I've done ALL of them. She opened the door for me to try other ones like the Syberia series (I want more Syberia games) and NOW I just can't do STRAIGHT ****'s!! Gotta have some kinda adventure thrown in or it's just no fun for me. And I don't really mind burning up a bunch of sneakers in some of the games...it keeps my mind alert and sharp trying to remember ~oh, I saw that, it was...~

The Carol Reed games MAKE you THINK and use your powers of OBSERVATION and DEDUCTIVE REASONING!! If you need/require sparkles, a lot of hints, want some mini-games thrown in, and/or expect a bunch of CGI, then these probably aren't (CR stories) the games for you! But if you actually want to tax/test the brain cells...you TRULY have to give them a go!

And, as CasualGran mentioned, make sure you use your *arrows* to explore each and every scene...CR stories don't do a 360 degree thing like in the Nancy Drew series (which I can't do, gives me to much Vertigo), you just have to make sure you've clicked in all 4 directions and up and down...........

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Blue Madonna: A Carol Reed Mystery

[Post New]by aniem on Mar 7, 11 11:22 AM
This is the first Carol Reed game I played without a walk through, and I've played all of them except the one BFG doesn't have.But I did refer to carol's note book frequently to keep track of what I had to do and where I had to go next. I found it hard to navigate, going in circles in houses, museums, barns, factories and churches. I had to resort to the "move forward, look left, look forward, look right, look forward, move forward " pattern and scanning each scene most of the way through the game. The clues Carol was finding didn't help me a lot as I was terribly distracted during my play time, and so could not connect each clue to its box.
The scenery is beautiful, as in all this series, and the music fits the mood of the action.It will not disappoint Carol's fans.
I did finish the game in just one day, so it is not too difficult, I guess.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Blue Madonna: A Carol Reed Mystery

[Post New]by TnTexas on Mar 20, 11 10:16 PM
Overall Impression: A slightly slow, but interesting adventure game. This was my first Carol Reed mystery, and I'm not completely sure the style is my cup of tea. But it is a decent game and definitely worth at least demoing if you're looking for something a bit relaxing and different.

--- The photographic style and the compass-point gameplay are unique and give the game a feeling of realism that just isn't possible with other styles. The two combined really do make you feel like you're in a real place examining real objects. Most of the time I loved that - although there was an area or two where I didn't appreciate it quite so much.
--- For the most part, the gameplay was nonlinear. I enjoyed being able to wander around wherever I wanted and look all around me.
--- The mystery pieces together pretty well and makes sense for the most part. There were a couple of things that didn't quite make sense when I ran across them, but they were explained at the end.
--- Carol's notebook was a fantastic inclusion. Not only did it keep you from getting hopelessly stuck, but it also doled out the answers in increments rather than dumping the whole thing on you at once. That allowed you to get back on track and figure things out on your own if you wanted rather than just implementing the answer. Definitely enjoyed that.

--- While the nonlinear gameplay was fun, it did leave the player at a bit of disadvantage - especially one who isn't familiar with how the Carol Reed games work. Exploring Carol's apartment (and the other scenes) was kind of fun, but it did make for a slow start to the game - so slow that I was tempted to exit and delete it before I ever got out of the apartment. Being nonlinear also meant that the player had to piece together the story rather than experience it from beginning to end. That's not bad, but it was confusing at times.
--- In a lot of ways, it felt like an isolating experience. I realize that being alone is not unusual for adventure games. Many (most?) have the player wandering around in solitude. I think it felt more disturbing here because the game was so heavy on the realism that it felt just odd to look around - in three or four different directions - and not see a single person anywhere. Where were the people on the sidewalks? Where were the other workers on the site? Things along those lines didn't feel quite right.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Blue Madonna: A Carol Reed Mystery

[Post New]by AirCoco on Mar 29, 11 7:17 PM
Hello everyone ~~

I played this game for 30 minutes and couldn't get it off my computer fast enough. Someone asked if it was as 'bad' as Syberia and I have to say its right in there. other have said how great it is for a carol reed game, and if you like reed games this is nice, too. my thought is that if youre going to make a game, why are you marketing it to a few group of people that might just buy your games? i found the navigation beyond tedious and did not at all find it "challenging" or some kind of ground breaking feat to have one click all over, go into areas where you click in a circle, go hear someone say some VERY badly read lines and then you exit. what was the point? after the 30 minutes of play and very carefuly looking at every square inch of every scene all I had done was climb into a window with a chair. The rest was running around and saying hey! I have the exact lamp as she does and I bought it at IKEA.

for those who like this carol reed type of game creation I am glad they came out with another one for you to play. on another note it would be so nice if the "review" folder would actually be reviews and not people chit chatting back and forth or saying "oh i have to download this when I get home" and "oh how happy i am that they release myst as a whatever relase and ' blah bllah. and yes to someone wh oalso asked if you would please please type English and not use abbreviations and game speak and all this inside code. my first post asked that very same thing. it really makes this whole site seems like some little club that those of us who are new dont get to know about.

back to the game -----no, no. i have found other adventure games to be much more absorbing. yes this game gives you a nice tour of sweden or how people live. that isnt worth the money --- they have those on the internet for free. have a great reast of the week!!!!!! ariel


Re:Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Blue Madonna: A Carol Reed Mystery

[Post New]by athirteen on Sep 15, 11 9:34 PM
Best Carol Reed Game yet. Beautiful scenes as always, no bugs, hints and clues well worked out. Lots of humor. Loved the art work. I could have had more character development, 'cause that's always fun with these developers.

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