What a RIPOFF!


Re:What a RIPOFF!

[Post New]by kitty25478 on Jan 9, 15 12:19 AM
I first played the game on a another game site. I didn't know about BF until many months later. So at that point I only wasted what amounted to a dollar. I bought the game a couple of years later. I'm annoyed that its taking so long but its not BF's fault that the developers are slow

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Re:What a RIPOFF!

[Post New]by DragonLadyOz on Jan 9, 15 12:26 AM
Hi Kitty,
It is NOT BFG's fault, but the rest of this game will not be made by the developers.
Many of us would to finish our journey. There are a number of discussions about this here in the forum. Listing this as part 1 might not help though as there will not be a part 2.

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Re:What a RIPOFF!

[Post New]by catnip5 on Jun 10, 15 2:55 PM
Not a bad game.

Big Fish is the only place I buy games from. They are 100% reliable and honest. Best in the business.

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