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[Post New]by SanJacinto on Jul 4, 12 1:24 PM
Looking for Other Games Players Hints & Tricks for this TimeBuilders; Pyramid Rising Game
Just Played ROADS of ROME which is an Addictive Time ,Resource , Building Game.
I admit I avoided games like these before... becuz I am an Age of Empires / Command & Conqueror Type Player....UNTIL I Tried Fame Frenzy..>>>> Then I started looking into Big Fish Online.... saw all these games , still did not think much of them until I tried another..... first Roads of Rome, then LandGrabbers & then Gardenscapes..... The Price to Try My FIRST Game was soo Cheap $2.99 that I had to try it & take a break from other BIG Name Games...needed a change/ variety, esp to keep from boredom by repeating the same games over & over..... so here I am Now & I find that each game I played & tried....that I had to buy it. My BFGames collection is Growing & I am tickled in the Fun I am having & it makes My goiing back & playing Ages of Empires & Command & Conqueror freshly Fun again


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[Post New]by Palomino45 on Jul 29, 12 11:08 AM
Hey, I have this game on my phone, I beat the free 12 levels. But now the purchase button wont work. I get a server error message. Anyone know what I can do?


help with strategy

[Post New]by amiego on Jul 30, 12 4:12 AM
Is it best to upgrade each time the priest finished collecting cash or just do as many upgrades at once as you can?


Pyramid Rising forum: chaos of the nile

[Post New]by Hypatiane on Aug 18, 12 11:55 AM

Sorry for the stupid question, but how can I buy the bonus level Pack Chaos of the Nile ? I see it on Internet, on the App Store, but it is always on the main page of Pyramid Rising and there is not any button to buy it after buying the full Pyramid Rising. I have seen it too one time on my ipad in opening Pyramid rising, but it was the only time and now that I would like to buy it... I can find how ...

Thank you for your suggestion


The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising - Saved Games

[Post New]by himanshu3 on Jan 10, 13 10:29 AM
I have been playing this game on Win 7, and I have just updated my system to Win 8 and re-installed the game. Where does the game save information on where you have reached in the game?
I cam then move these files to the Win 8 system and continue from where I left the game on the old Win 7 system.


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Welcome to The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising forum

[Post New]by jqpwmk on Oct 14, 13 2:48 PM
bfgFlounder wrote:Welcome to The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising forum! This is your place to ask questions, share tips, and connect with other The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising players.

If you have questions about how to use the forums, please click the FAQ link on the right.

I am so very pissed off, why would you put a time restriction on the game. That is absolutely stupid. I wished I had not wasted my money. To the people who made this game, you suck!


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[Post New]by Moondark on Nov 21, 13 7:59 PM
KayenneDK wrote:
jkhjean wrote:Can't get past level 13. Says need 4 fountains, but only see areas to build 3. Already tried tearing down houses and the quarry to see if freeing space would give option to build last needed fountain. No luck.

It says you need 20 joy, but not that they have to stem from fountains. Gather enough stone and you can build statues worth 10 joy each. :-)

I am not given the options to guild statues or fountains. So how am I supposed to get the joy to progress?

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