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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Treasure Hunters

[Post New]by yourshannygirl on Mar 13, 11 11:26 AM

While I enjoyed the graphics and I thought the storyline was okay there were some issues that were rather irksome for me. When I see something in the wordlist like the word "Screw" and I can find no screw and have to use the hint system and it takes me to the image of a steel "nut" for instance that is bothersome. If this happens only once I can let it go, but this went on in the first 3 wordlists! The next wordlist had the word "Boot" and I was looking all over for a BOOT! I only saw a was a flat loafer type shoe and so I clicked on it and sure enough the "Boot" disappeared from the wordlist. There were several instances of this going on which for me results in a frustrating gaming experience and isn't worth my time or money regardless of the storyline or graphics so I will wait for another game. I'm well aware that we have foreign developers making games for us so I would kindly encourage them to get native English speaking proofreaders before they put a game out on sale.

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[Post New]by leapfrog0202 on Mar 13, 11 11:58 AM
I don't normally post reviews, mainly because other, more adept reviewers typically get there before I do and I read theirs! This time though, the game was so poor that I am posting a review mainly in the hopes that BFG will take our comments about poor quality lately into consideration in the future.

I realize BF doesn't design these games but please, please test them before allowing them to be placed on your website for sale! These games we've been seeing lately make a mockery of your good reputation and may cause you to lose members.

Be that as it may, here's my take on this game: So boring, pathetically easy and irritating with the 'Glove of Power' that I felt like I was playing a game aimed at my 8 year old grandson!

Huge black sections on top, bottom and both sides of screen - not a good start. Directions that not only held my hand but made me feel like I was being talked to like an idiot. Most people here, EVEN VERY EARLY BEGINNERS, do NOT need this type of handholding! I would think the developers would respect people's basic ability to figure things out and give us some credit!

I lasted probably 10 minutes before finally being so irritated I had to quit. Not only will I not buy this but I am beginning to wonder where BF is finding these poor quality games and why we are being subjected to them?


Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Treasure Hunters

[Post New]by daisyduck352 on Mar 13, 11 1:02 PM
Played about 30 min of the game and not something I would buy. Storyline and hand holding don't make it any easier to like. so it's a no buy for me.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Treasure Hunters

[Post New]by sixmilecoss on Mar 13, 11 1:21 PM
CasualGran wrote:Today's TGT appears to be an IHOG on the easy side.
i just hate when they make you go throu a tutorial when you don't need to. i just want to get to playing the game.

After a very simple Options menu, with only three choices (full screen or not, and louder or softer music and sounds) it plunges you directly on a mountain top as a survivor of a plane crash. No story whatsoever, and the only trace of the male character is a paper that vanishes all too quickly after you've picked it up from the snow. I couldn't read it so fast, I hope other fishies can.

The first 'levels' (as short as only a few search and action screens) are used to explain the buttons and posibilities to you. There's a Hint button (a dragonfly) that refills fast, an objectlist and inventory button, and in the lower right of your screen a big button is placed, providing you a number of tools to choose from.

Clicking on a specific tool will make it move around to the top with some kind of sound that annoyed me within minutes, as did the sounds you hear when you pick up things. Just to much sounds for my personal taste.

The locations look interesting enough and the devs tried to be original in that direction.
The minigames though are that easy it makes the Skip button almost useless. To me anyway.

Maybe a nice IHOG to play with your kids or grandkids.

All in all not unworthy of a gamecredit, but I don't think I'll spend one on it.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Treasure Hunters

[Post New]by Corie60 on Mar 13, 11 1:39 PM
This was a bit to simple for me. Probably a good game for beginners or kids. But I know some kids that would find it to easy as well.

And OT...I am really getting worried about GoofyDuck now!!! Don't want to come across as prying, but wish to know she is ok.


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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Treasure Hunters

[Post New]by KC_Granny on Mar 13, 11 1:43 PM
Hoping for a good game, but - maybe next time.

Pro: Great graphics.
Con: Hidden objects are huge and very obvious in the cartoonish scene.
Girl is really annoying - way too much hand-holding.
Clicking constantly to pick up 'super' items gets really old really fast.

I think I have to find a new way to rate this one.

Dork-o-meter....scale of 1 to 10. 1.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Treasure Hunters

[Post New]by dancemom1 on Mar 13, 11 2:30 PM
Completely agree with CasualGran. I'm a bit more advanced in my HOGs than this game. A little too "beginner" for me. Would be great for a kid or someone just starting out. No buy for me either.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Treasure Hunters

[Post New]by mishamoo on Mar 13, 11 2:58 PM
I too was thrown off by looking for the "hummer". I was looking for an SUV. When looking for the "pipe", I clicked on everything that looked like a pipe, didn't think to look for a telescope. And I guess a "pinch lever" is a crow bar. In one respect it is a HOG for children, on the other hand, they wouldn't know what a pinch bar is. It is just a bad game. I didn't like the various tools you had to use. There was no indication of what to use unless you clicked on the sparkles. Nothing fun about it.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Treasure Hunters

[Post New]by bfgOkeechobee on Mar 13, 11 3:08 PM
Hey fishies!

Just swimming by to sticky this thread! Thanks for starting it shadowfax44!


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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Treasure Hunters

[Post New]by LovetoMissLisa on Mar 13, 11 4:17 PM
The graphics aren't bad for cartoon like scenes. But the "GLOVE OF POWER", is way to annoying. Every time you go to pick up an item, they deem to be to heavy, you have to switch to the "GLOVE OF POWER". LOL I would like this game much better without the "GLOVE OF POWER". I don't mind simpler games or cartoon like scenes. But this game is not for me. But like I always say, give it a try for yourself.

I'd rate this: TROTTER (only because of the "GLOVE OF POWER"). LOL

Pig's foot, don't run away with buying it. lol

‘ ‘

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Treasure Hunters

[Post New]by cme550 on Mar 13, 11 4:48 PM
A no buy for me. I had to play in window mode because the resolution didnt fit my screen. I dont like that.

I didnt like having to choose between night vision goggles and x-ray goggles and glove of power during hidden object scenes.

Levels are very short. I hope there are a lot of them. Or they get longer in later levels.

Some may enjoy this game, but I didn't.

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Reposted review here since other forum locked :-)

[Post New]by mycatluna on Mar 13, 11 5:26 PM
AeronAoife wrote:Lots of spelling errors drive me crazy with games. I'm a tech writer and just cannot enjoy games with spelling and misnaming errors. I'm so busy obsessing over the errors that I can't enjoy the game.

Don't think I'll even download it.

I'm with you there. I worked for quite some time as a Lead Copy Writer/Editor and I couldn't agree more. If there are blatant spelling errors and extremely poor grammar I get so annoyed I can't enjoy the game! And this one has its share. Forget looking for hidden objects. I spent more time 'finding' spelling mistakes!

And I know there has been talk in past forums about language barriers etc., so I should not get my knickers in a bunch ( ) but I look at it this way. If I go to the store to buy a book, even if it is a translated one, I do expect that it will not contain oodles of spelling errors, grammar mistakes and outright incorrect words. (Hummer? Really? ) You just don't see books published with an abundance of linguistic and grammatical errors-they wouldn't sell! I expect the same level of quality from a game, especially if I am deciding whether or not to purchase the product with my sparse funding.

Which in this case, no way.

Someone mentioned that this is a new developer? I didn't look to verify that but if it is true, I hope that their future games improve.

As to other aspects of the game, same gripes others already mentioned. I will say this though: there are some aspects of the game that are creative and they have taken a bit of an innovative approach with their game-play. With some fine-tuning I think future games from this developer could be quite good. So let's hope they read the reviews!

Hopefully tomorrow's release is a bit more exciting.

BTW: Has anyone heard about Tiger Eye Curse of the Riddle Box Part 2 being developed? I loved the first one and they had a cliff-hanger ending, but so far, no sequel. Anyone know? I looked online and couldn't find anything...

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Treasure Hunters

[Post New]by glowfish on Mar 13, 11 5:48 PM
What annoyed me about the "GLOVE OF POWER" was ... I needed it to pull a ski out of the snow, but I didn't need it to move huge boulders around?!?! SIGH.

Deleted after third level. I wouldn't recommend it to beginners, because it might scare them off of HOGs, it's so bad!

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Off topic: Brief history of daylight saving time in the USA...

[Post New]by mycatluna on Mar 13, 11 5:48 PM
satexasgirl wrote:First and totally off topic, I can't stand daylight savings time & I'm irked that it's starting earlier & ending later. But thanks for the reminder.

LOL. Me to. This is how I handle the twice a year time changes. All of my satellite-connected technological 'toys' update themselves. As for the rest of the clocks in my house: I leave them as is. I figure, in roughly six months time, that they will be accurate again. It drives my fiance NUTS but works for me.

For those that are interested, this is off topic but a few little factoids: Daylight Savings Time was developed In 1918, in order to conserve resources for the war effort, the U.S. Congress placed the country on Daylight Saving Time for the remainder of WW I. It was observed for seven months in 1918 and 1919. The law, however, proved so unpopular that it was later repealed.

When America went to war again, Congress reinstated Daylight Saving Time on February 9, 1942. Time in the U.S. was advanced one hour to save energy. It remained advanced one hour forward year-round until September 30, 1945.

From 1945 to 1966, there was no U.S. law about Daylight Saving Time. So, states and localities were free to observe Daylight Saving Time or not. By 1966, some 100 million Americans were observing Daylight Saving Time through their own local laws and customs. Congress decided to step in end the confusion and establish one pattern across the country and passed the Uniform Time Act of 1966. Any area that wanted to be exempt from Daylight Saving Time could do so by passing a local ordinance.

Daylight Saving Time - for the U.S. and its territories - is NOT observed in Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and by most of Arizona.

One of the biggest reasons we change our clocks to Daylight Saving Time is that it reportedly saves electricity. Newer studies, however, are challenging long-held reason. The total electricity savings of Extended Daylight Saving Time were about 1.3 Tera Watt-hour. This corresponds to 0.5 percent per each day of Extended Daylight Saving Time, or 0.03 percent of electricity consumption over the year. In reference, the total 2007 electricity consumption in the United States was 3,900 TWh.

Basically, DST was only supposed to be in effect for the war effort. It was never meant to continue past that. Numerous states are petitioning the government to do away with it as it has been proven NOT to conserve energy in any notable way.


Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Treasure Hunters

[Post New]by pgobeli on Mar 13, 11 9:19 PM
This game is boring. Easy puzzles. You play for what seems like 20 seconds and they have to load the next scene. The hidden object clues are a little sketchy as I am not sure to what they are referring. They kept calling a hammer a hummer. Just did a trial and no way will I buy this.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Treasure Hunters

[Post New]by jillaroogirl on Mar 13, 11 10:11 PM
I am not a fan of this game. In the beginning when they were flying through the air, I was waiting for the intro to begin, only to watch as they crash landed. The hidden object scenes were down right irritating, with the constant requirement to use the 'power glove' and then to right click to remove. There did not seem to be smooth flowing play as a result of this. A no buy for me.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Treasure Hunters

[Post New]by vezzettj on Mar 13, 11 10:26 PM
I have to agree with other fishies on this one... I lasted about 15 minutes (and got to a lab... I have no idea how far in that is) before uninstalling.

This was really easy... I tried to dive right in and start collecting items but was told I HAD to do the tutorial and it would not continue unless I used the hint button. Everytime you pick up a new "tool" it tells you exactally what to do with it and when to use it and it looks like the game reminds you every time you need it later...

The only real challenge was in deciphering some of the items you are looking for. Other fishies have posted: Hummer = Hammer, Screw = Nut, Boot = (non boot) Shoe, and so on... I don't usually have a problem with bad grammer and flakey translations as Iong as I can understand the gist of the story... but when it is a H0G and the poor translation causes you to look for an item that isn't there... well, that is when I start getting annoyed. But you have a hint button, and they want you to use it, so that problem is easily solved. lol

There is not much of a story (granted I only played 15 minutes and it looks like maybe a story was being developed), each level lasts no more that a few minutes, and mini games completely holds you hand (i.e. you have to align 2 sides of a bridge and you have 3 levers to use, each is labled: side to side, "up and down", or rotate... at least let us figure that out!). I DID like the clear graphics and the locations but I'd pass on this even as Daily Deal. Hope some of you enjoy!


Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Treasure Hunters

[Post New]by mooncat1950 on Mar 13, 11 10:31 PM
I think it would be nice if a game company who/which is going to market a game to people who speak English as a 1st language if they - the company - get a "English as a 1st language" person to check for spelling and grammar errors before the game is released.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Treasure Hunters

[Post New]by sunidayz on Mar 14, 11 2:00 AM

This was an "uh okay" game for me. A little too easy and kept get aggravated at all the scene loadings. The ****'s were simple and most of the mini games were simple (a couple a little confusing). The different powers, I admit, put a little twist on the game. I guess I am just spoiled now. This was a little too "Cartoonish" as someone else had put it, to me. I would rate it a "5" out 10.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Treasure Hunters

[Post New]by euphoria on Mar 14, 11 5:17 AM
If I had seen the word "hummer" in the list, I would have looked for a bird. Maybe my mind isn't far enough in the gutter.

Thanks for the great reviews, everyone - I won't even bother checking it out. I despise hand-holding!

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