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Re:Reviews for Love Chronicles: The Sword and The Rose

[Post New]by Shastanna on May 6, 12 4:33 PM
Just finished it. It was pretty cute. Too much hand holding though, imho.

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Re:Reviews for Love Chronicles: The Sword and The Rose

[Post New]by lisablue4369 on Jun 20, 12 6:47 AM

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Re:Reviews for Love Chronicles: The Sword and The Rose

[Post New]by LadyJane50 on Aug 7, 12 7:43 AM
Just finished playing this game and have to say it was worth the money!

One of the most important things for me in a game is the Hint button. Some Hint buttons tend to be vague, but not this one. It seemed to recharge quickly and helped me out when I was stuck and didn't know what to do next. Really really nice.

Having to collect flower petals was a different concept and was pretty cool.

The story line is pretty common, but that's not all bad. Each developer adds their own twist to a game, so a common story line is okay.

There were a few negatives to this game. No voice over. I miss those. Also the cursor was touchy. You have to be precise when using inventory items. If you think an item should be used - and it won't stay in place in the game - try two or three more times. Lastly, some of the mini puzzles needed clearer instructions. I'm all for having to figure a game out, but there were a couple that I finally had to use the Skip button on.

In spite of the negatives, I would definitely give this game a good review!

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Re:Reviews for Love Chronicles: The Sword and The Rose

[Post New]by Jurinne on Sep 6, 12 12:33 PM
(Based on part of the demo): I really like this game. I figured out from the beginning that it is a sequel and I'm glad I read the reviews that gave the name of the first game. I will be playing that game first and then purchasing this game.

Thank you!

I love the graphics, the ease of finding some rather strange items (I used to have problems with that but I have learned to move the cursor over every little bit of the picture), the storyline (yes, it's an often-used story but I happen to like it and have not tired of it yet), and the HINT BUTTON? I didn't get the old "There is nothing to do here." What I received were real hints/pictures of where I needed to be. I love that; it's not so much hand-holding but what a "hint" should be - an actual HINT.

I love the rose with the petals. I'm not used to seeing that sort of thing except in CEs. That is a pleasant surprise with this game.

Thank you to the devs - you have a new fan. BTW, that little purring kitten at the beginning is absolutely adorable.

I'm off to find the first game in this series!

Based on the little that I have played, I give this game four and a half kitties out of five, rounded up to five:

Happy gaming to all the fishies!!

EDIT: After reading the reviews I have decided to purchase the Collectors Edition for both games.

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Re:Reviews for Love Chronicles: The Sword and The Rose

[Post New]by vakrow on Sep 8, 12 8:43 AM
Great game enjoyed it very much Val


Re:Reviews for Love Chronicles: The Sword and The Rose

[Post New]by angelofmusic62 on Sep 8, 12 9:56 AM
Seems like a pretty good game, especially as a COTW. My only complaint isthe cursor has to be precisely in the correct spot in order to work. Several times I knew I had the right item in the right place, but I had to have sometimes 5-6 tries before it worked. This was especially irksome in putting together machines or potions. But, for the discounted price, I can deal with that. One question; does anyone know if purchasing a COTW counts for the extra punch this weekend?

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Re:Reviews for Love Chronicles: The Sword and The Rose

[Post New]by boobailey on Feb 6, 13 12:59 PM
I really liked this game. It had a nice story line. Great color and the graphic's were great too. Plenty of HOS, which were'nt hard and the puzzles were also easy. Just a nice relaxing game. Sit back enjoy.


Re:Reviews for Love Chronicles: The Sword and The Rose

[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Jun 9, 13 2:04 AM
Pretty Average


I’m kinda sorry I bought this one, although there’s nothing terribly wrong with it, and there are a lot worse games around, even on my own computer.

The introduction was a bit sappy, but I expected that from a game with Love Chronicles in its title. The game itself wasn’t a romance at all. It was your typical fairy tale storyline, admittedly. Handsome prince (that’s you) rescues beautiful princess from evil witch. But there the romance ends. And for most of the game, there is no real feeling of pursuing a goal. It took quite a bit of digging around before the first HO scene appeared and you could start feeling you’re achieving anything. After that the gameplay was well paced, and a decent length.

The visuals are passable but not up to par. And the HO scenes have much of their colour washed out, making for uninspiring searching. The music bugged me too, it didn’t add anything to the atmosphere and became repetitious. There was no voiceover, and no interaction with other characters, little animation, all of which made the game feel a bit flat.

There are plenty of mini-puzzles and HO scenes, none of them too taxing, and some variations of the ‘find 20 roses’ kind. For some reason (the previous Love Chronicles maybe?), the hero is required to make a lot of weird inventions to progress in the game. Really couldn’t see the point myself.

On the plus side, outside HO scenes, the hint was a direction to the right location, which I thought was a good in-between help, neither too much nor too little. There was also a scene where you panned around with cursor hover. I like cinematic touches.

As I say, nothing terribly wrong with this one, and others may enjoy it, but not inspirational, which is why I won’t be recommending it.

I don’t recommend this game!

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