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[Post New]by lvnmylife25f on Jul 16, 11 5:04 PM
I played the demo, and ended up buying the game. I really enjoyed LifeQuest, and was hoping this would be even better. I was hoping it would be a bit more in depth, and feauture more challenges, options, and fun. I am disappointed. It seems to feature less! Please put out a game that basically takes LQ to a higher level!


Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by Brittier on Jul 18, 11 6:32 PM
Wasn't impressed with this game. It had potential to be great but fell flat. As others stated, the career goals did not make sense and it seemed to drag on. Hope they come out with a less dated version in the near future as I enjoy these simulation type of games.

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Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by babbydoll1201 on Jul 19, 11 6:43 PM
Well, i did enjoy this is very similar to Life Quest....almost exact to me....there is a few glitches throughout the game,...or lags if you want to call it...but i bought the game & my daughter who is 9 loves it too!!!


Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by ashleyc999 on Jul 23, 11 5:32 PM
Pretty much the worst game ever. Life Quest is so so so much better!!!

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Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by deijiara on Jul 25, 11 12:23 AM
I played the whole demo for this game before coming to any kind of decision on it.

Flaws (at least to me):
I had trouble figuring out how to check what my episode goals were.
Was really hard to not lose a LOT of time due to low mood.

Nice points (again, opinion based):
Didn't seem to charge me rent in the 'cheap housing' option.

Bottom line and 5 word review: Life Quest did it better.

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Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by dlindab on Jul 27, 11 10:56 AM
I usually enjoy Alawar games. But this game just seemed like it was rushed out too fast. Several glitches with the awards. Was also not happy with the choice of colors when "painting" items. It was awkward and complicated, and somehow, most of the results were unappealing.

If I had to describe the game in one word, it would be "sloppy." For me, this is not typical of Alawar. Hope it's a one-time thing.

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Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by jkuci on Jul 27, 11 2:07 PM

"Kudos 2" is still the gold standard in this type of game.


Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by sheltie127new on Jul 31, 11 6:32 PM
I quit this game after about 20 min. I have both Life Quest & My Life Story. Each of those had different assets & I enjoyed playing both of them. I've even enjoyed playing the game where it's a Magic School. This game was most disappointing. The requirements are vague. I would have taken this for a first attempt at this type of game as opposed to a game that's been done well before.

I'm really disappointed; I expected to love it.


Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by devianthippie on Sep 11, 11 1:07 PM
Well, I just wasted a game club credit on this game and I sure wish I had read the reviews before buying it. I didn't get to any of the major glitches in the game until AFTER my 1 hour trial. I loved Life Quest, Kudos, Magic Life, and My Life Story, so I too thought I would like this. I agree with the things others have said about the university bell sounding like the end-of-day bell, and the night part being too long, but there are things even worse.

For one thing, the little paragraphs you get from each rival half the time don't match the tasks at all. I mean, it will be like, someone talking about how they love shopping and always need more clothes, and then the task will be to eat a cheeseburger and buy a map or something. (That's just an example of the type of thing, not an exact mission)

The most frustrating though is that I always like to follow the "fashion design" paths in these games, and it's broken in this game! Not only did I run into the whole clothes-disappearing act, but when I finally got a tip on these forums to buy 5 outfits in a row (and they can't be dresses, because those don't count apparently) and then go apply for the model job, I got a message that said "You cannot perform that job at this location". What?! It has all the green checks that I have all the requirements. I'm just so frustrated with this game. It is full, full, FULL of glitches that should have been worked out before it was even released. I wish I could have my credit back to spend on a game whose developers actually did their job.

Do yourself a favor, and DO NOT buy this game.

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Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by HasNazir on Aug 27, 12 5:40 PM
A good game!!

As opposed to what has been said;-

1. You get longer time in each day as you play more,

2. Right after finishing the first goal, I went my own way, going through the courses, so by the time of the 3/4 goal, I've already earning $200 as the clothes designer, so that was the best thing about this game, that it let you do what you want, and not restrictive, so by the time the other goals came up, I've already passed as I already brought a plane etc.

3. So I did the courses at college, then waited for the other goals as you have to wait for them for some other locations to appear such as the restaurant, the aquarium.

The downside would be waiting just less time in the sleep cycle and more choices on room design.

Happy gaming

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Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by lil_chickadee on Mar 10, 13 5:45 PM
I just played this again, after having played the 2 LifeQuest games again on a whim. Now I remembered why I didn't play this 900 times like I did the LQ games when they came out.
Gripe #1: It's laid out exactly the same as LQ. Same game mechanics, same basic layout, same terminology. Why in the world would you offer a rip-off of your own game?
Gripe #2: What the characters say they are doing sometimes has nothing to do with the quest you're on. Occasionally someone else shows up later doing the things you just did, with the first guy's tasks loaded onto them (one challenger's quest is to buy a car, but the person who says she is buying a car is like three people later and her quest is the tasks the car-buying quest person said he was doing).
Gripe #3: There is no way to get less tired. Relaxing at home or doing amusing things gets you increased happiness, but not decreased fatigue. You can sleep away whole days when you're fatigued.
Gripe #4: Lack of info. Nowhere is there any indication of how many time units you actually have (or have left). You have no idea how much hunger or fatigue penalty you got. The apartments don't tell you how much they cost. The bank doesn't tell you how much money is in your account (and you have to close it to withdraw, and you have to choose an exact amount from the list to deposit).
Gripe #5: Randomness. The most expensive is not always (or even often) the best choice. You can get more charm and happiness from the cheaper clothes than from the extravagantly expensive ones. Same with furniture and pets and cars. Some quests that cost $15,000 come before others that cost $5,000.

So if you liked Life Quest, play it again and save yourself a credit. This is a poor imitation.

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Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by kiwis00 on Dec 24, 13 10:33 PM
You want to know how this game is, it's still horrible! I played three times a year for over two years to see if you resolved the same issues since I bought it over two years ago. You haven't fixed it, the same issues are still there. What have you been doing all this time! You're lazy techs! There is no 28th location, I visited five locations in one day. So no awards for the "same old" issues! I played this seven times and it's the worst ending. I'm sick of losing my game credits for games you people don't fix. You are always looking for ways to rip us off. I'm very disappointed that you get paid to do nothing.

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Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by fomalhaut on May 29, 14 10:25 AM
I liked the game well enough after an hour to buy it with a game credit, and have now finished the complete game. I am bitterly disappointed, since after you finish the fifth career path (Businessman, which requires a $100,000 bank deposit), the game tells you you have won and locks you out of the game. I had two characters left to try to match: the model who challenges you to buy the most expensive jewelry, and the last character I never saw. Now I am prevented from beating them or earning the awards I hadn't already gotten.

The worst design flaw is making you wait through a pointless animation every day while it reduces the amount of time you have left in the day. I didn't think the happiness mechanism worked very well either. I guess ****'s moral is: Happiness is fleeting. It doesn't seem like anything you do gets you enough happiness to increase the length of day for very long.

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