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[Post New]by Jurinne on Sep 6, 12 11:49 AM
What a sweet little game! I bought this as a special and bought it only because of its rating (for some reason I can't find anything out about a game that I am offered when buying another game except the rating and that I only have a few minutes to decide; the videos never work and although there is info about the game I can only see part of the very top and can't scroll down - very frustrating and I have ended up with some really awful games - maybe BF could fix this problem? I will contact CS).

Ahem. Rant over, sorry. At first I didn't understand Match 3; I thought the goal was to get rid of all the jewels or circles or whatever. If I had read the instructions given in games I would have known how to win - but I didn't bother reading the instructions.

I bought "Bejeweled II" because I could not resist the price and became instantly addicted. I spent several weeks playing that game and that game only. I was thrilled to see that "Rainbow Web 3" is composed (so far) of Match 3 games. Accumulating points to free items from the curse is a new twist for me.

The graphics are beautiful. The storyline is so cute. I really love this game and I think that if anyone enjoys "Bejeweled II" they will also enjoy this game. It's nice to have a relaxing game for when I have a headache and can't think very well. I have enjoyed playing it and wanted to post a review before I continued.

I give it five kitties out of five. Good job, devs, and BF! Thank you!

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