TGT: Hidden World of Art

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[Post New]by Joy5752 on Jan 20, 09 2:10 PM
I found the demo very enjoyable because of the differences from other HOs and it says there are 50 paintings so that should make the game long enough to be a good value!

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Re:TGT: Hidden World of Art

[Post New]by RainCat on Jan 20, 09 5:05 PM
ok, I beta'd this (I played all the way through twice) and played some parts of it more than that.

I think there are around 47-48 paintings, and only 1 repeats twice. I can't tell you how long game play is, b/c I was always pausing to take notes, and there is no final time posted (I don't think).

If you don't like your score, you can redo a level if you do it right away. If it is a silhouette or object list, it could alternate to the other one, and the list will change.

For spot-the-difference, they are usually (but not always) the same if you restart.

As far as I could tell, collect the object is the same each time, at least for the butterfly level which I played about 5 times.

You have to score maximum points on almost every level if you want to get all the objects for your apartment, so if you are using lots of hint, then there is some replayability.

Also, I know someone mentioned this earlier (and I did report it during beta to the developer, reallly) but if your list asked for a "trombone", it's a "goblet".

I think the game may have gone through one more interation after the last one I provided feedback on, so I am trusting most of the final glitches got worked out.

One thing, this developer is extremely good about taking feedback even after release, and putting out new versions if needed.

By the way, did anyone try to draw on the art pad on the start page?? Try it

The other games you may have played from this developer recently are UNICORN CASTLE and MAGIC FARM.

(ps. Magic Farm - The Ultimate Flower is on its way...still in pre-beta)

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Re:TGT: Hidden World of Art

[Post New]by penrose47 on Jan 20, 09 7:07 PM
I have been playing the game and the only problem i have had is that some of the items are in a darker location.

NOW, that was a long sentence...Wonder what my English professor would

I read a post that says 48-50 pictures, AWESOME that should keep me busy.
to night here in Central FL its to get LOW 20's & Wed. night too.
GAME time.....THAT"S "COLD" for FL...burrrr...burrrrr.

I feel sorry for all those whom live in the North part of the Pond.




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[Post New]by adultchat on Jan 20, 09 9:28 PM
I downloaded this game yesterday (3 times)...had sound...but no video....can anyone tell me why?


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[Post New]by sboshers on Feb 4, 09 8:16 AM
This game has a few problem, I can only guess it's the game creator, not sure, but a 'nut' is not a 'bolt', a lady's compact is not a box of cigars, a banister is not a rope, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc..............
and if the object 'spoon' is on the short list and hidden under a 'nut' and since yor are looking for a 'bolt' have not picked the 'nut' you cannot complete the short list without a hint.
I won't continue, there was not a good check and clean on this game.


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[Post New]by redfox31 on Sep 17, 09 1:15 AM
lordkalvan wrote:

Weird bug: in one scene I was supposed to find a "trombone" but the item that worked was a goblet.

I'm enjoying the art work at any rate. The one time I got two "spot the differences" scenes in a row annoyed me, but that's because I don't like spot the differences.

I got the same error - what a pain because you have to use a hint and so miss out on heaps of points.

Something that really bugs me is the dialogues - not just that you have to click through them and can't skip them altogether, but that they're written so badly - I'm most of the way through the game now and can't remember a dialogue that's made any kind of grammatical sense. This didn't stand out when I played the demo - it really only got bad after the first hour of play... was this quality checked all the way to the end? I've spent a fortune on BFG and am really unhappy with the quality of this game.

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Re:TGT: Hidden World of Art

[Post New]by ADTech on Oct 3, 09 10:09 AM
I agree with Poodlebear, I also bought it. It seems like an OK game to me.

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Re:TGT: Hidden World of Art

[Post New]by missy12 on Oct 3, 09 1:00 PM
have not played yet just download it will try it later.


Re:TGT: Hidden World of Art

[Post New]by napugorou on Apr 25, 10 3:47 AM
I like this game but I'm stacked!! One item is behind a pallet which is on left side. How can I click this item?

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Re:TGT: Hidden World of Art

[Post New]by jeannemaria on Aug 1, 10 2:20 AM
Some time ago I purchased this game, because I like Art and HOGs. I have just replayed this game. I like the different types of HOGs. I do NOT like the dialogue at all, it is often weird (very strange translation). Also some items to find are not what is described. For instance to find a comb, you have to click on a brush. There are a couple of mistakes with the Paintings. One painting by "Jan Steen" is described as "Steen Jan". I am from the Netherlands and I know the Dutch/Flemish painters. I would also have liked more variety in decorating the room. Despite these shortcomings i find it an enjoyable game.

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