Re:Reviews for Elementary My Dear Majesty

[Post New]by Old_Man_River on Jan 31, 12 1:45 PM
Thought this would be fun, but a nausea problem soon ended that. Thank you BF for allowing the free trial


Re:Reviews for Elementary My Dear Majesty

[Post New]by Blickblick on Jan 31, 12 2:01 PM
I think I'm going to take the plunge and buy this one. I agree with everyone who has said the objects are tiny, Not just small--tiny. The developers tried to give us a fighting chance with the magnifier, the flash as the pointer moves over an object, and the quickly refilling hints. I hope it's just that it's going to take a little getting used to. And even though the zooming is a bit nausea inducing, for me it's worth it for the 3D. The humor in this game is outstanding and, as much as I love the murky, scary, search the mansion style games, this one is refreshing and different in both look and feel and game play. It's really tempting me to get out of my rut.

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Re: Reviews for Elementary My Dear Majesty

[Post New]by bfgCimarron on Jan 31, 12 2:37 PM
Hello all!

I just wanted to swim by and just remind everyone to keep these posts about reviews and ratings for Elementary My Dear Majesty.

If you have any technical issues with the game I'd definitely encourage posting them to our Tech Issues thread. Or if the game is giving you a lot of trouble feel free to contact one of our Tech Support Reps and they'd be happy to help you with the game. I just want to make sure everyone is getting the help they need.



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Re:Reviews for Elementary My Dear Majesty

[Post New]by memaw7 on Jan 31, 12 3:01 PM
Old_Man_River wrote:Thought this would be fun, but a nausea problem soon ended that. Thank you BF for allowing the free trial

I had the same problem, I did the beta of this game and after about 15 minutes I had a head ache and was getting A cute game but couldn't handle it

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Re:Reviews for Elementary My Dear Majesty

[Post New]by Grimhild on Jan 31, 12 6:41 PM
I think this game is cute and fun. The graphics are clean and crisp, and there is zoom and swivel to help you see things. There are a variety of mini-games to play. There is a reason why you're looking for HOs, not just picking through a virtual trash bin for one item. This game is bright and funny, which is a nice change from the usual dark and dingy offerings.

I had to skip some of the mini-games because I'm not fast enough with my clicking (could never get the last one). The hidden objects are teeny-tiny, and the zoom option doesn't always help (for instance, in one area some items were hidden under the pine trees no matter how much I zoomed or swiveled the view). The game is too exact on cursor placing when I try to click on an object once I've found it. I had some trouble with the catapult, but I have to admit, I really enjoyed catapulting the pirate onto the neighboring island!

Other people here have complained about the dialogue, but I think it's clever and it helps me know what I'm supposed to do next.

So, just in case a developer should happen to actually look at this review, here are the things I'd change:
Make the zoom take the player in even closer than it does now.
Make highlighting and picking up hidden objects easier.

After playing 6 or 7 levels, I had to take a break because the tiny objects and exact cursor placing were frustrating, but it's the sort of challenging frustration that makes me want to finish playing the game, not the kind that makes me uninstall it.

BTW, this game reminded me of The Tiny Bang Story, too; probably because of the minimal instructions given.

*I'm making some changes in my initial review, because now that I've played it to the end, I think it's enchanting! It's rare for me to want to re-play a game, but this one is so bright and fun that I want to do so and improve my time scores. Unusual grahics! Delightful game! 5 stars!

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Re:Reviews for Elementary My Dear Majesty

[Post New]by HasNazir on Jan 31, 12 7:53 PM
For those who compare it to "The Tiny Bang Story" I disagree, I won't be buying Elementary My Dear Majesty, and I can't see myself buying it even if its on daily deal.

What I dislike about this game is that;-

UNLIKE The Tiny Bang Story;-

-its not a relaxing game to play, has your having to do too much moving such and such around, and get it to a particular angle ie the crane the sheep throwing.

-I dislike the 3D idea, I'm not comfortable looking at the screen shot, even if they have provided a magnifying tool, neither do I like the artwork, I think less is more, and there's too much here, and of course you are viewing things at a distance, which is annoying, I understand that they might have wanted to capture the whole area on one screen, but it just didn't work for me.

- I certainly don't want the casual games to follow after the other action games with their 3D spinning around, etc.

I can't sit and relax and play this game, the only thing appealing is the story line, I think they did get this right and that is about all. I absolutely enjoy The Tiny Bang Story, and played it over, its visually RELAXING on the eyes and on the mind, which helps to enjoy the game, even in the Lost Souls : Enchanted Paintings. This game provides neither, the Snark Busters: Welcome to the Club provided this, so this is disappointing as it is made by the same developer.

Looking forward to other games.

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Re:Reviews for Elementary My Dear Majesty

[Post New]by capipe on Jan 31, 12 8:32 PM
i love this game! it's unique and quirky...a nice break from the hard core games . i played casual and didn't understand what all the buttons/arrows mean..for instance, in a puzzle/action part i hit the double arrows and it "solved/finished" the action for me..? other than that i'm buying this one...

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Re:Reviews for Elementary My Dear Majesty

[Post New]by rogerscove on Feb 1, 12 4:26 AM
I found the navigation tricky and it took some time to get used to the movement. A little too cartoonish with some very tiny items. I would not pay full price for this game but may consider it for a Daily Deal. I loved the music.

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Re:Reviews for Elementary My Dear Majesty

[Post New]by CiChDa on Feb 1, 12 9:23 AM
This is a, very tough, you need to think out of the box, and I think it is excellent! Even tho, I get quite frustrated, but as far as gaming is pretty dog gone good! For those of liking a challenge, this will give you that! The only thing I can say for those, please trust your highlited area's, some objects will not be found other wise.
I like it, good change of pace
Cute, cute and fun
I am now changing my thoughts, I have been working on this game for over a day and I now say "uncle' too frustrating for the game play, but I sill think it has a lot of potential...I like fun, not repetition or that much frustration, you?
this was edited after 3 more hours of play

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Re:Reviews for Elementary My Dear Majesty

[Post New]by kdubs on Feb 1, 12 11:05 AM
First impression was Wow! Look at those vivid colors and those tiny items! In some cases, the items really are tiny and that's not good for me so I almost skipped out right there, but glad I stayed in to finish the trial.

After half the demo, I was getting more comfortable with the controls to zoom in and pan the scenes. Ah, that's better.....

I do love the beautiful vivid graphics and the upbeat music which seems fitting for this imaginary world. I like the dialogue, some got a laugh, other parts are real groaners! Really like the tasks relating to physics (the crane, the sheep). Hope to see alot more of that kind of task. It has a charming feel, inviting me to figure out how to get around and use what I see in order to meet the goals.

The Hint Button is quite helpful and refills pretty quickly. There is no timer to cut you off -- it just tracks how long each segment takes for your 'award'. Replay is an option if players want to better their status. There is a short but sweet little Help Section which really is helpful to get comfy with the game controls. There is a Menu button in the upper left corner which pops up and offers standard options including a button to Exit.

I'm looking forward to continuing my puzzling/adventuring journey. Wonder what's next.


Re:Reviews for Elementary My Dear Majesty

[Post New]by cottoncandy2 on Feb 1, 12 11:17 AM
cherbtoo wrote:

Oh dear I am sorry to hear that, I never thought about it rolling out of range of the crane ( bet the devs didn't either ) so I guess your only option is to restart that level.

Can you actually restart just one level? I hadn't thought of that. I really like this game and I was disappointed when it started going sideways (or downhill or however you want to call it)

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Re:Reviews for Elementary My Dear Majesty

[Post New]by cagamenut on Feb 1, 12 2:41 PM
While this isn't my usual type of game, it made me laugh...a lot! When my husband came out to see what was so funny, he suggested that I buy the game because it made me laugh I had a ball catapulting the sheep! Even the dialogue made me the wall humor. This is not a particularly good game for someone with a Essential Tremor but I bought it anyway. So what if it takes me forever to finish it. Thanks , and one of my favorite developers, for a lot of giggles!


Re:Reviews for Elementary My Dear Majesty

[Post New]by fritzfan85 on Feb 1, 12 4:23 PM
Any game that can make me giggle is good. I giggled LOTS in this one. Thanks Big Fish...


Re:Reviews for Elementary My Dear Majesty

[Post New]by cottoncandy2 on Feb 2, 12 6:05 AM
Well, I couldn't stand the thought of being beaten by one puzzle so early in the game so I used a credit and bought it. That gear puzzle is glitchy. If you drop a gear in the boat, you can't pick it up. If it falls behind something, you can't always pick it up. Save the game before you start the gear puzzle so you can come right back to it.

In the end, I got by it by simply dropping the gear so that it hit the right area and rolled off and somehow that triggered the airship to take off so I did get to the next level and now I'm quite enjoying the game. I love the humour in some places. It's a nice change from the dark, dreary games we seem to have so many of.

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Re:Reviews for Elementary My Dear Majesty

[Post New]by nanaseaweed on Feb 2, 12 9:36 AM
I for one have been completely entertained with this little game. It's fantasy is well done and it is so different from the HOS. It's a nice break. Thanks devs at ****.


Re:Reviews for Elementary My Dear Majesty

[Post New]by veronique875 on Feb 2, 12 9:41 AM
I think this game is a lot of fun. I am one that does get nauseated by moving games but I've been able to do this one for some reason.

The objects ARE very tiny, but they are NOT fuzzy and they are well lighted. That makes it OK for me.

Added: a below review says there are technical issues, I agree.

Also much too easy to lose all your saved game.

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Re:Reviews for Elementary My Dear Majesty

[Post New]by mnance1948 on Feb 2, 12 3:21 PM
The concept is good, the humor is good, but there are too many technical issues to recommend this game.


Re:Reviews for Elementary My Dear Majesty

[Post New]by laghostgirl on Feb 2, 12 6:27 PM
What a great game! The story was cute and interesting. It made you want to keep playing. It was challenging enough to keep you busy but easy enough to finish in a day. I hope the developers are working on a second one. I only have a couple of "cons" - the game wasn't long enough and some of the items were hidden so well it was impossible to find without a "hint".

Great game. I highly recommend it.


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Re:Reviews for Elementary My Dear Majesty

[Post New]by Chiefcook on Feb 2, 12 10:51 PM
I thoroughly enjoyed the game - the only 2 downsides I found in the demo were finding the cage and sometimes picking up where objects were when they were hidden behind something else.

Otherwise a wonderful hour's break from "reality" keep up the good work.

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Re:Reviews for Elementary My Dear Majesty

[Post New]by zonnegroet on Feb 3, 12 3:30 PM
This game has still too much unsolved bugs for a game that's in production. For starters, the objects are really too small. Especially if you need to select them with another item (for example the broom for the pinguin tracks) it's practically impossible to do.

I started the game not in full screen mode. At the level of the pirate island, it got me stranded, cause there was no pirate visible with a text balloon above his head. It took me a lot of time (restarted the level, quit and restarted the game) before I thought to try to switch to full screen mode, that made the balloon visible so I was able to finally continue.

I also had problems with the cursor like many others described as well. Both in the game, as out of the game if I switched to another application.

Even if you use the magnifier, it's still not always possible to see items. Sometimes you see only a shadow if you hover your mouse at the correct spot. I don't like having to hover over every spot on the screen, so in my opinion this is not a user friendly 'feature'.

What's actually the worst, is that many times the help button doesn't point you at all in the direction of an item on the searchlist.

I am not going to finish this game, I bought it, but just can't select the very tiny items (like with the broom I mentioned before).

Apart from all these negative points, I have to say that I applaud the developers for trying something different. It's a whole other concept then the usual dark hidden object games we see.

Wish they would have taken some more time to actually finish and polish it. It feels like if this game was never beta tested, I can't imagine beta testers wouldn't have picked up on most of these items (or the developers choose not to act on it

It's a real pity, this could have been a remarkable little nice game.

btw in no way it looks, plays of feels like the Tiny Bang Story, which is mentioned in earlier threads.

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