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Re:Reviews for White Haven Mysteries

[Post New]by lvfao on Apr 8, 12 11:08 PM
have been trying to decide, i think i will buy the se...only have 57 min left to make up my mind now on with what to pair it....hmmmm
i love the hogs, and esp hopas. this has great graphics, it's fun to revisit mental hospitals when you don't have to stay (it was my job for about a decade, altho it used to be one could not vote if one worked more than 7 years in one in a commonwealth), and now i have to find out what is happenin!
one thing i noticed, probably petty, but there you are. a c clamp called a 'vice' (i was looking for the roulette wheel, etc), and a straight pin called a bobby pin....just in one hos. however, i loved the spooky stuff, and agree with Extremenorth....good game, not great, but good to play for some time to be wasted, and is that not the object, anyway, hidden or no? off to find the partner!

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Re:Reviews for White Haven Mysteries

[Post New]by Laflamme on Apr 13, 12 8:09 AM
Review based upon completion of the game.

You run through a mental asylum. You are locked in. Apparently you are poisoned. I have no idea what's going on.

The Good:

+ graphics are well done
+ varied minigames
+ hint system reloads fast and mostly works
+ HO scenes not frustrating

The Neutral:

o game acts up when tabbing out
o scare factor starts out good, but goes to zero once you are in the garden

The Bad:

- story does not make sense...
- ...the little there is...
- ...which you even have to piece together yourself through journal clippings (that are difficult to find in-journal cause it does not jump to a new entry, but you have to find yourself what you've read or not)

Bottom Line: The technical side of the game is well done (I did not have any glitches), but the storytelling is sub par. Way sub par. Maybe it's explained better in the CE version, but I cannot recommend the game for this reason in the normal version at all.

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Re:Reviews for White Haven Mysteries

[Post New]by 77Emma77 on Jun 26, 12 1:47 PM
OMG, what was that?

i have just finished it and do not understand anything.
it says at the beginning to play it with sound on and in dark... it started ok, then the game was like nothing that was promised at the beginning and it ended surprisingly quickly, with the atmosphere as it started... i expected more of this game, to be honest...

i think that creators of this game were schisofreniacs as well. half of the game was atmospheric, whereas half was just waste of my time. and money.

and the inventory panel was soo annoying! while in other games if the item does not prove for the action, it turn itself back, but in this game i actually had to return it myself to its corresponding place, after the panel hid itself while i was trying the item.

and there was not much puzzles to do. they actually solved themselves!

the notes in the diary ... were they in mess as well?

i am not happy with this game at all.


Re:Reviews for White Haven Mysteries

[Post New]by Butterflyshrimp on Jun 26, 12 3:01 PM
For anyone who really wants to know what this game is about and how it ended please message me & I will tell you. I would not recommend this game to anyone & its the first time I've ever said that. Will never play this game again.

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Re:Reviews for White Haven Mysteries

[Post New]by tj1147 on Jul 9, 12 6:24 PM
I purchased this SE when it first came out after playing the demo - which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The graphics are quite nice. The hint button refills fairly quickly. The journal..I'm not sure what it was for really. I did notice that it did not keep the "last" paper I picked up to read...I had to page forward each time I used the journal. The H0 scenes were very clear and it was not at all difficult to find the listed items. The puzzles weren't hard either. Overall, a fairly easy game.

I had uninstalled this game after playing part of it due to wanting to "clean out" my computer and knew I could download it again from the purchase history. I reinstalled it today and finished the game.

I don't feel the whole game was well represented in the demo...the demo was great! I was really surprised at the ending...I had no idea the game was that close to being finished. It was almost like climbing a long up-sloping hill, then reaching the top and falling off the other side.

All in all, I wish I'd saved my money but it is a fairly good game and easy to navigate...just not really interesting and a very abrupt ending.

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Re:Reviews for White Haven Mysteries

[Post New]by bessiegirl on Oct 21, 12 7:54 AM
A buy for me with a BF credit. Thought is was amusing the intro instructions suggested watching it in the dark! Very much a HOS/Adventure game with a few mini games tossed in. HOS lovers will go for this. The HOS are easy so the game moves along which I like. You pick up inventory items in both the HOS and around the areas. Some sparkles, but not always so be sure to move curser all over the field.

Game defaults to system curser so if you want the game curser you need to seek it out in options. Had to turn down voice overs, a little whiney...sounds are appropriate to story which is sort of a same-o, same-o story, but enjoyable if you like spooky, dark games (which I do).

HINT/SKIP recharge very quickly...another big plus for those like me, that hate waiting around forever to move on. No map, but the HINT button will move you around if you get stuck. BIG PLUS: The game will tell you when an area is cleared!!!!! Yeah! I love that! Unfortunately you have to wait out the dialog even if you read faster than the voice-over speaks.....not good. So far since I have only completed the demo, I give this a 4.5 because of the above positive features which I enjoy in a frustration level so far which is also a plus.

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Re:Reviews for White Haven Mysteries

[Post New]by bessiegirl on Jan 7, 13 7:33 AM
Wierd, just plain wierd. I downloaded this game after playing the demo but waited quite awhile to finish playing. Probably should have started from the beginning again as I think I forgot some important info...anyway, this is mostly a very creepy HOS game. HOS are very easy so the game moves along. Hint refreshed quickly too which you may have to use to move around sometimes. No map and the journal is really useless except for the task list which kind of keeps you on course. Mini games are the ones I like...easy and different. The game appeared to be somewhat short, maybe about 3-31/2 hours, I think.

There is a warning at the beginning about how spooky this is...could be just hype, but it is a bit creepy. I had to turn the sound effects down because they got a bit annoying...but they are a bit creepy too. Voice overs were fine, but were few and far between. Unusual and unexpected ending. I basically enjoyed this game despite all the HOS some of which were unusual which made it interesting. I think I may play it again to just catch up on the beginning that I apparently forgot

I would give this game, for what it was a 4 out of 5. Never felt any frustration. I had a smile on my face when it ended.

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Re:Reviews for White Haven Mysteries

[Post New]by Jurinne on Jun 26, 13 7:41 PM
Based on Completed Game:

Although I really like this game I think the ending could be so confusing to most people that some sort of disclaimer should have been posted at the beginning. I know exactly what happened at the end and it came as no surprise to me.

There were some problems I ran into. I'm not sure but I think a magnifying glass was called a spyglass? It looked like a badminton racquet to me so it must have been a magnifying glass. That and "vice" for "vise"; I was waiting for the police to show up!

I didn't like that the patient notes were not sorted by when they were found. They were also kinda confusing. I don't know what many of them had to do with anything and sometimes I could have sworn that I found a note that just flew off to the Twilight Zone and never made it into the journal (which isn't a journal at all but just a list of tasks with photos and the patient notes).

I relied on the Hint button too much and that's because I got totally wrapped up in the story - which is excellent. There are many rather confusing parts to this game but they are cleared up at the end - to those who know what happened, which brings me back to the disclaimer. I wish that the game had remained as creepy all the way through as it was at the beginning and the end. There was room here for a lot of creepy moments but most of the game wasn't really creepy at all but a standard go here and find this, go there and find that, and a ton of HOS along the way.

I thought the HOS were pretty good although some were junkpile and none were interactive. The graphics are nice, the puzzles are on the easy side which is fine with me as I'm still not very good at them (although a few were so simple that even I was surprised).

I enjoyed the game and I'm very happy as I got it for free. I don't know if I would have paid full price for it. If I had known about the CE I would have waited for a special and purchased that. It's a good game, three out of five stars.


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Re:Reviews for White Haven Mysteries

[Post New]by roaming on Oct 21, 14 1:11 AM
Like Jurinne, I thought they telegraphed the ending at almost the very beginning. POSSIBLE SPOILER: As an artist and being very visual, I can usually tell when things look very similar or nearly alike, which is not to say the ending was in any way logical . So other than playing the HOS while having to endure the everlasting, over-the-top spookiness, there wouldn't be much point in my purchasing this game. Others have thoroughly reviewed the details of game play, so I'll let it go at that.

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