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Re:Reviews for Otherworld: Spring of Shadows

[Post New]by LadyJane50 on Sep 3, 12 6:55 PM
This review is based on the SE game.

It was a nice game with beautiful scenery and some voice overs.

The mini-games were pretty cool - not your run-of-the-mill games. However, some of them had inadequate instructions and I had no choice but to skip.

Throughout the game, you attained achievements. This was fun!

The HOS were not your usual scenes. This was different and I really enjoyed them.

There were 60 fairies that you collected throughout the game. (This was one of the achievements.) I found only 58 out of the 60. I was disappointed that I could not go back through certain "scenes" to find the two that I had missed. Since I was pretty sure that they were in the house, I would have liked to go back and find them.

Lastly - the Hint button was only mildly helpful. Most of the time it would tell you what your next move should be, but I already knew what this was.

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Re:Reviews for Otherworld: Spring of Shadows

[Post New]by patti_rp on Oct 22, 12 5:42 PM
I've enjoyed a lot of the game. Several places the little fairy thing to give you the special little round things wasn't there like I the village the building didn't even have a second little window where you were supposed to click. Also the fence PUZZLE never materialized eventhough I got the key and lock off the bicycle. So now I'm stuck. Losing interest and maybe tomorrow I will try again, I don't know right now I'm just disgusted.


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Re:Reviews for Otherworld: Spring of Shadows

[Post New]by addieh on Feb 19, 13 6:12 AM
Finally, I completed this game! I kept screwing up and having to go back until I decided that I would play hardmode and got all the achievements but 1. I didn't play for 3 hours straight. Oh well, the game was delightful and I loved the theme. Quite scarey he is but he never appeared for me.
Look forward to the next game very much. Good graphics, and of course I love anything fairytale.
for me!

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Re:Reviews for Otherworld: Spring of Shadows

[Post New]by yowzasma on May 19, 13 10:38 PM
Just finished playing this beautiful game and all those proceeding positive reviews are better worded than I can do :/.
I loved this game and am going to play 'Otherworld: Omens of Summer' very soon
Only one complaint is I landed up playing as Administrator which happened on another BoomZap (love their games
For this lovely game I give it & 3/4
If you haven't played it yet give it a try and happy gaming

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Re:Reviews for Otherworld: Spring of Shadows

[Post New]by qpr1 on May 21, 13 6:03 PM
i was thoroughly bored with this game!
way too much yap, talking crows and that little girl got on my nerves. take away those things and i MAY have liked it.
graphics and soundtrack were first class


Re:Reviews for Otherworld: Spring of Shadows

[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Jul 2, 13 11:35 AM
Beautiful With Imaginative Gameplay


Okay, yeah, there is a little of the pre-teen girlie STORY in this one, but it has enough COMPLEXITY, combined with beautiful GRAPHICS & INTERESTING GAMEPLAY to keep adults interested. And it really is spectacularly gorgeous without ever being too cute.

The MUSIC is ETHEREAL and the VOICEOVER in the intro is great. No other VO during the game.

The extensive variety of HOS, with only 2 INTERACTIVE LISTS, and them near the end, means this doesn’t feel like a HO GAME. Some of the types include:


Plus a number of almost-HOS, such as SPOT THE DIFFERENCE, and FIND THIS PIECE OF THE PIC.

Along with these are dozens of delightful PUZZLES & MINI-GAMES. A LOT of ORIGINAL and reworked puzzles, NONE TOO HARD, but entertaining. All of them are SKIPPABLE, and they come with both INSTRUCTIONS and ONE HINT. I found this essential, because some of the instructions left me clueless.

The STORY is interesting too. After buying a new house in the country, you discover that there is a whole different world going on in your garden, and only the FAY (people with the sight) can see it. You meet a trapped girl who helps you to unleash your own fay ability, and you set about rescuing her.

This is a VERY LONG game. Took me 6 hours to complete – and I really enjoyed every minute.

I recommend this game!

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Re:Reviews for Otherworld: Spring of Shadows

[Post New]by sandicats5 on Nov 2, 13 5:58 PM
finished I really liked this game got all the achievements except the hardcore mode and only 59 fairies. will save and play at a later time.


Re:Reviews for Otherworld: Spring of Shadows

[Post New]by Dezzy911 on May 15, 14 4:28 PM
do not care for this game
not enough HO scenes for me
don't care for their mini puzzles
and nothing irks me more than when you know you are doing something right but due to the design of the game you have to hit that "sweet spot" otherwise it's a no go.
so annoying.
1 star out of 5

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