Re:Electrical box is not sparking. It's inactive.

[Post New]by Bobbi89122 on Sep 26, 14 2:02 PM
I was having the same problem too. You have to go back to the radio. When the coast guard answers and the box comes up with your conversation you have to pick one of the responses. The game will then continue. You will walk outside and you will see the wires sparking. Then go back in to the house and the bar will be on the radiio. Use it to pry open the trap door and get the fuel tank. Tie the fuel tank to the rope. Go up 2 flights of stairs. Turn the crank and bring the tank up. Attanch the hose to the tank. Go up another flight of stairs. Use the glass cutter on the glass and use the torch to light the lamp. This should have been in the guide. Very frustrating.

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