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Re:Reviews for Hidden Mysteries®: Return to Titanic

[Post New]by medic1960 on May 28, 12 7:56 AM
I agree with catsmom2001. Being a simple soul I found time changes a bit confusing and I got a bit irritated. It wasn't until I had completed the game that I realised just how much I had enjoyed it.
As for the lost souls at the bottom of the ocean.........I am ashamed to say that I had never given them a thought but this game made me stop and think!

Thank you.

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Re:Reviews for Hidden Mysteries®: Return to Titanic

[Post New]by Silvia_B on Jun 6, 12 5:10 PM
I just finished this game & really enjoyed it. I found the graphics were clear & I seldom had to use a hint. The blueprint, which is a map of the ship, helped a lot so I wasn't just running about getting lost. I just loved playing this one. I do like anything involving the Titanic. It wasn't a difficult game which I found very relaxing. Nice job!!!! The sounds also went perfectly. Usually, I turn off the sounds after awhile but I didn't with this one.


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Re:Reviews for Hidden Mysteries®: Return to Titanic

[Post New]by bessiegirl on Dec 2, 12 6:22 AM
Only lasted a short time in the demo and had enough. I have enjoyed the Hidden Mysteries series in the past but this one is waaayyy to slow for me and the storyline is a bit confusing. The game has a map, but it is accessed through the journal which makes it very awkward to use. A lot of moving around as the map is not a jump map which it should be in this game. HOS seem easy enough. Not a buy for me. I need something that moves along a bit quicker and has a story I can sink my teeth into. A bit of a sleeper as far as I'm concerned.

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Re:Reviews for Hidden Mysteries®: Return to Titanic

[Post New]by annmariepeppi121 on Apr 7, 13 8:22 AM
i can not get out of the unerwater grand staircase so that i my go to first class passageway so that i y go to my room.i am on game 7 but untill i get to the part of the first class passageway. iam unable to go on.

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Re:Reviews for Hidden Mysteries®: Return to Titanic

[Post New]by roaming on Apr 10, 13 9:14 PM
seeme278 wrote:Did not enjoy the demo. Game moves too slow. Every pun intended . . . I felt like I was moving through water.

More like moving through molasses.

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Re:Reviews for Hidden Mysteries®: Return to Titanic

[Post New]by joyzebra on Apr 29, 13 2:18 PM
I think this is a great game. Not easy, but holds your interest. I love Titanic games so maybe I am biased.


Re:Reviews for Hidden Mysteries®: Return to Titanic

[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Jul 16, 13 12:33 PM
Supernatural Forces At Work On Titanic?


This is the 6th game in the Hidden Mysteries series, and the 2nd one they have done on the Titanic. I remember only that I didn’t like that one at all when I trialled it, so I can’t tell you if this is a genuine sequel or not.

There is certainly a different approach to the Titanic STORY here, with spirits and portals and time travel.

The intro is impressive if simple. It is like a SLIDESHOW with ANIMATIONS and the GRAPHICS look great. The LOCATIONS look convincingly ornate and expensive to me. It's quite a visually attractive game without being at all schmalzy.

There are no voiceovers in the game. You can skip conversations, but keeping track of the plot will be almost impossible if you do, although the ‘ship’s log’ will help. The scene is set for a true MYSTERY from the very beginning.

For reasons that aren’t revealed until late in the game, you have gone to extraordinary lengths to be on the Titanic’s maiden voyage in order to meet a famously wealthy man.But somehow you end up at the bottom of the ocean with amnesia. I’ll let you find out for yourself the hows and whys.

The GAMEPLAY is mostly HO SCENES, with a few MEDIUM difficulty PUZZLES. This is a STRIPPED DOWN style of game, so while you have EXCELLENT COMPUTER-GENERATED GRAPHICS, there is no animation and no interaction in the HOS. It is a static standard list.

The ADVENTURE is restricted to a FEW locations for each chapter, so the MAP is not essential, but it does give you indicators where you have TASKS still to complete. There are PORTALS that assist some of your travelling. HINT is useless outside HOS.

I have played about 6 Titanic games, and this is my favourite. It is really WELL MADE, offers a DIFFERENT kind of STORY, and has STRAIGHTFORWARD HO gameplay.

It is however a simple game and easy game and will not be to everyone’s liking and certainly cannot compete with the extravaganzas now available.


I recommend this game!


Re:Reviews for Hidden Mysteries®: Return to Titanic

[Post New]by jessespooky on Jul 22, 14 6:25 PM
Just played this game's demo a couple of days ago. Thankyou JusttheFacts for your review. My thoughts exactly. Game is easy enough with so few locations you do not need an interactive map and I have played enough of the earlier games that didn't have one which is not a big deal to me, I am a patient soul and most times don't mind the back and forth, to me makes the game longer, etc.. Make sure you scan the whole scene as the more experienced will tell you. I have been away for awhile and forgot that. I had to go back over scenes a couple of times to find things I missed to be able to continue. Not great, but a good game nicely done. I am putting on my to get list with a coupon or sale.

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