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[Post New]by lizzya06 on May 15, 12 5:06 PM
it's a great game, follows the tv show pretty good, HOWEVER, I can't go any further & am pretty much in the beginning, I keep going over the walkthrough to figure out how to get the necklace, it shows it under the art party square sign, but rossi's body is in the way & you can't see under the sign, any suggestions??


Re:Reviews for Criminal Minds

[Post New]by quarlesqueen on May 16, 12 7:34 AM
I have seen the show, but don't watch it on a regular basis, but I thought I would try the demo, just to see if I liked it.
Well, I was surprised, I found the game play, very enjoyable, the way the game unfolded, and the different steps they used, to solving each case, I found very interesting, and decided it was a game that I was going to use a credit on.
The graphics don't blow you away, and there is lag time, inbetween scenes, things that could be improved upon, for future games.
But there were some things that I really liked about the game play, loved guessing the scrambled words, and doing the hexagon puzzles, during the interagation, which got more complicated as you progressed through the game.
I liked taking evidence back to the police station, and there are several locations to explore in this game, for each case, which gave the game a nice length.
Also I really liked the different puzzles, one of my favorites was the flash drive sequence puzzle, but I found most all of the puzzles interesting, and fun to do, which isn't usually the case, in most games, so job well done on those.
There were a couple of times, when I wasn't sure what to do, so the task and hint button, which I don't normally use, came in handy .
It's a shame IMHO, that a lot of people judged the game, just by the looks of it, because even though it may look like old school graphics, I found the actual game play, and murder cases, very intriguing, and interesting to solve.
But to each his own, I say, give it a try, you might be surprised, like I was, and end up enjoying it, PLUS, for only being 2 cases, it has a nice length, which also was a nice surprise.
And it was a nice change to play something different, maybe I missed my calling, because playing a detective sure is fun ...worth 7.41 to me

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[Post New]by jill165x on May 19, 12 5:44 PM
I've just finished the first case. I've really enjoyed the game play.

The only thing I didn't like is that I was able to progress without completing all of the tasks on the list.

At the end of the first case, I still had 4 unfinished tasks. I did not analyze one of the paintings, I never officially found the party location, I didn't change the light bulb....I can't remember the last one.

Added: I just finished the second case. All the tasks were done, but an gear puzzle prematurely registered as complete even though I still had 3 gears to place.

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[Post New]by laraly on Aug 3, 12 3:19 AM
The art concept is good, but this game is not up to the tv series; it's all so stiff, including the cursor, it takes long to move from one location to another one, some of the key objects, to solve the investigation, are very difficult to see and find, not voice over, no map! The graphics are not bad, so the stories' crime to solve, but I have just about started the second case, so I keep on....and on.. and on...; while I :wait for a new series of Criminal Minds to come out, with the same cast, hopefully!
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Re:Reviews for Criminal Minds

[Post New]by marian35 on Aug 25, 12 5:54 AM
A great game!! Wish there were more like this one instead of the creepies. As long as you follow the task rules, no problem. The hint goes into detail to find the solutions. Finally a grownup game. A bit of a challenge finding hidden objects, but puzzles are fun. There are various puzzles including mahjong.

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[Post New]by Jurinne on Sep 4, 12 12:14 PM

(This review is based on the demo). I like this game and I don't like this game, if that makes any sense. I am a fan of the TV show and it was a pleasant surprise to see some familiar faces. Unfortunately, these faces never change. It's like propping up pieces of cardboard and just moving them around from scene to scene.

I think it would have been better to have the player become a new member of the team, instead of flip-flopping from established character to character. The introduction of a new character actually was used in a episode of the TV show - I would have enjoyed that, as much of the personality traits and quirks were shown and examined (e.g. Hotch's sternness - does that guy EVER smile?) when a woman tried to join the team.

But, no. Instead I'm one character and then another and I have to switch to say things like "Thanks" and then "OK."

The "Tasks" List gives no details - the HINT BUTTON must be used for that. At first I thought that hints were earned. The tutorial says something about question marks adding hints and then later says that question marks in HOS unscramble the scrambled names of items to find. So which is it? Both? the HINT BUTTON recharges - why do I need more hints? It even recharges quickly so why would I need more hints?

I kept getting thrown out of HOS because I got a teensy bit too close to the bottom of the scene. Sorry. Sometimes the voice "balloons" showed up on things like wastepaper baskets. Sometimes the voice "balloons" never showed any dialogue at all and sometimes the magnifying glass just hovered there with no magnification at all.

The cursor does not dance when the player clicks a lot in the HOS.
The HINT BUTTON gives detailed hints.

So the game is not all bad. But it's just not good enough. It is mediocre, at best. It looks like the devs just threw it all together and hoped nobody would notice.

If I could get this game for free or for a buck I would. But when I compare it to so many other games that have had time and effort put into them so that the time and effort really shows, I feel that a game like this is an insult.

SLIGHT SPOILER: Would an officer of the law hand out police tape?? No! That is just not done and no character in the TV show would have done that. Awful!

(out of five)

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Re:Reviews for Criminal Minds

[Post New]by dachsH on Sep 9, 12 11:48 AM
It seems to me this game belongs to the group “try it for yourself and see if you like it”. I can’t say for sure I will buy it, I put it in my “may be list”. The game is neither outright boring nor that much easy. The cases are fun to solve. The graphics are satisfactory, HOS are rather challenging and enjoyable. Still there are a couple of things that prevent the game to be a hit. There are no voice overs. When you are used to the tv series the game without live actors disappoints a little. For some reason the game did not run as smooth as I wanted it to.
I guess if you accept only the quality offered by big budget games this one is not for you. If you are ok with it, then try and decide.


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[Post New]by chickasmooch on Sep 24, 12 2:48 AM
Not so long ago did I become a diehard fan of the TV series and then I was so much happy to see Criminal Minds on my Big Fish! So I made my decision for a buy. The cases are excitement to solve; the puzzles are a little bit different from the standard and therefore challenging. As many here noted, probably the main thing that spoils the game is its stiffness. However, I enjoyed it tremendously


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[Post New]by glsdlmea on Nov 8, 12 4:59 PM
any access to additional scenes?


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[Post New]by trixievenom on Mar 3, 13 8:52 PM
I am a massive fan of the show, so seeing a game on here that i could play was great, until i played it, i played the entire game in two days ( the "whole" both cases ) ( about and hour or so for each case )
first of all the game play was awful, slow, grainy and really annoying having to continuously press back and back and back to get from scene to scene,
the story lines were horrible, the second one didn't even have a motive.
the graphics were terrible, card board cuts outs as someone put it were poorly drawn and poorly animated , they just dissolved from the scene when they were done.
I really don't have anything good to say about this game.
I thought when people said it was a long game i was expecting more than two cases.
it's seems to me that the people who haven't really seen the show like the game and the ones who love the show didn't
a " no buy for me " and really i would just suggest playing the demo cause wasting money on this just wouldn't be right.


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[Post New]by Old_Man_River on Jul 3, 13 9:17 PM
A pleasant game. Fun to play and a break from all he gloom and doom games we have seen lately. Well worth a coupon

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Re:Reviews for Criminal Minds

[Post New]by kelsie2 on Oct 7, 13 9:58 AM
Bought this as a DD .. what a great game soo different, lots of mini puzzles .. A well planned game, held my interest to the end.. more from these devs please !!!


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[Post New]by gram_orboys on Jan 31, 14 8:54 PM
I and one of my "boys" play this game often. The blank screen between scenes is not a problem - as not everything in life is instant. We enjoy all of must finds and solving the crime.


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[Post New]by pierrotlunaire0 on May 9, 14 8:06 AM

It's often not enough to find the clue but you have to find the packaging. For example, you interview the suspect and you need to present the info to the policeman. But you can't just get the info and go talk to the cop. You also have to find the "Briefing" folder to hand to the cop.

Puzzles are often pointless, and what is with the mahjong tile game!

The only thing the developers seem to have spent time with is artfully hiding the question marks.

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Re:Reviews for Criminal Minds

[Post New]by Seester2 on May 24, 14 7:42 PM
I really liked this game. I get tired of the dark,magical games and this one was a nice change of pace. I have never watched the show, but I enjoy the real life detective games like this one. The graphics were not the best, and the hidden object scenes were a bit junkpile, but both stories were interesting and I enjoyed playing to solve the cases. I played in the harder mode, but it wasn't overly difficult for me. The one improvement I could suggest would be to be able to jump from place to place on a map instead of having to walk from one end to another. I give this one a 7 out of 10.

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[Post New]by Jurinne on Sep 13, 14 1:43 PM
Based on completed first case:

I gave this game a very bad review and then tried it again and thought it was awful and then found out that somehow I had bought it.

So I have to play it and I've finished the first case.

The bad stuff:

1. How many times do I have to finish the same puzzle before I'm allowed to keep the item I picked up off the floor? I picked that same item up at least three times! And I have a back injury!
2. Why do I feel like I'm playing with paper dolls?
3. The discussions are quite interesting but I'm trying to play Mahjong and I can't see both at the same time.
4. I never could finish any of the Mahjong puzzles before the game indicated I had finished. I would really like to have finished at least one.
5. There is way too much hand-holding. Hints give explicit instructions. I didn't want that or need that.
6. Game playing is clunky. I felt like I was driving a semi hauling three trailers and trying to make hairpin turns without jackknifing. Sometimes I had to double click to move from one area to another. Sometimes I didn't need to click at all. If I needed to receive a fax I had to drive to the office and then back to deliver the fax.
7. Some of the actions went way beyond believable. I'm not that tall but I could easily have gotten that thing out of the tree.
8. I wasn't aware that the FBI blatantly breaks the law by stealing things that do not belong to them. Or am I naïve?

The good stuff:

1. When I play these games I like to see what happens if I give a character something silly from my inventory. So if someone needs a gun, I will give her a paperclip. In this game the characters react to that. It's clever.
2. The HOS anagrams are great. I would like to see more of that. I did try to figure out what the words were before I clicked on a question mark.
3. For some reason I enjoyed playing the game. I got into it. I wanted to find out "who done it". And isn't that the best reason for playing a game?

So - I do recommend this game. It took me quite awhile to get with the flow, to understand what I was supposed to do. But once I did, I had fun.

Happy gaming!!

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Re:Reviews for Criminal Minds

[Post New]by Jurinne on Sep 14, 14 11:19 AM
Based on completed game:

OK, I'm hooked. I admit it. I'm hooked on a poorly-produced, clunky game.

The second case is much better than the first. I really enjoyed playing this part. I never did figure out some of the puzzles and I don't how I managed to finish one which required me to place about ten parts and I had only placed two when all those stars or circles or whatever they are told me the puzzle was finished.

The hint button can be used during puzzles but the hints it gave made no sense when I used it.

Some of the dialogue disappeared before I got the chance to read it (and I am a FAST reader) and, once it's gone you can't get it back most of the time.

I'm not a big fan of task lists but it did help in this game.

I'm hoping there are more of these games. I think the interactions between the characters could be expanded and a jump map would be a good idea instead of constantly using a car to go from one scene to another. Tying up some of the loose ends would also be a plus. Graphics could be improved. For Pete's sake, these are characters from a TV show, not cardboard cutouts with no facial expressions.

At one point one of the characters is standing outside when it starts to rain. He just stands there. Nothing changes - not even his expression. Of course it doesn't change. It stays the same throughout the entire game, both cases. What is the point of that? Would a real person act like that when he's getting wet in a rainstorm and there might be important evidence getting ruined? No. A real person would frown and say something which I probably can't post here.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the basic storyline is great but the game needs to be polished.

Still, I did enjoy playing it and now I'm thinking about getting the TV series on DVD if I can. I'm assuming the series ended quite some time ago but I haven't watched TV in many years so I don't know.

Good game, needs work, but it's fun.

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