Re:Post any Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty technical issues here only

[Post New]by Publisher41 on Jan 1, 14 5:16 AM
I just bought this game and I am very surprised to read that some users experiment the same problem than me over a year ago and problem still not fixed.
I am talking about the urn problem in the funeral shop.
I tried to delete the game and reinstall it and run it from the beginning with no success. After I put the letters J O M, it is I impossible to interchange the letter to solve the clue.
If at least I was able to pass this clue , but no chance I can't.
Hope you can help. Very frustrating to buy a game and not been able to go through it. It is not a question of price, it is a question of time wasting....
I have installed the game on an iPad retina 16G.

Thanks for your help

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