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Re:Reviews for Dark Heritage: Guardians of Hope Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Snaffled on Jul 13, 12 1:27 PM
cbtx wrote:Based on the demo (and beta test):

This game is a candidate for the best game game of the year----no question.

I shouldn't reveal a thing about the story itself----just know that it is very engaging. A madman, a near-deserted and spooky island----all done in a way that sets itself apart from the hum-drum of the usual CEs we get so often by other devs that grind out the same old styles, the all too similar artwork, and, yes, the same old black bars. This game has set a new benchmark that the old devs need to pay very careful attention to before they are left completely behind.

In addition to the gorgeous HOS, there are live action cut scenes, the puzzles are very well done, the voiceovers are good, the music is appropriate and unobtrusive, the hint button works outside the HOS and fills quickly (even if you want to skip a puzzle), there is a "hard" mode, and all the usual bonus features are included. I didn't look at the SG except briefly, because the game flows so smoothly I didn't need it.

In summary, for the special price (or the regular CE price, for that matter) you can't beat this gem. Some really great games have been coming our way lately, and I put this one at the top of the list! (Thanks to these devs for the aspect correction. )

WOW, sounds fantastic... good review, thanks cbtx.... gonna go buy it straight away!!

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Re:Reviews for Dark Heritage: Guardians of Hope Collector's Edition

[Post New]by lookywho on Feb 2, 13 8:11 AM
wow a wonderful and interesting fun game glad I bought it


Re:Reviews for Dark Heritage: Guardians of Hope Collector's Edition

[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Mar 30, 13 3:46 AM
Not For My Money


I am not particularly impressed with this game, certainly not enough to pay extra for the benefit of further play. I was quite happy to be done with it by the end.

The best part of it was a dramatic and vivid opening cut scene. After that it languished.

It was visually unattractive, grainy and dull, and although the enigmatic talking blackbird was very well done, I was never comfortable with the environment.

The story too was nothing new, but that wouldn’t have mattered if the gameplay had been there. Nothing was ever obvious and hint outside HOS was directional and sometimes confusing.

There were a few minor mistakes in the game as well, which only irritated me more . But one was a slip leading to a major spoiler if the player was switched on. Certainly made me suddenly realise what was really going on way too early.

The strategy guide REALLY irritated me when twice it gave difficult puzzles no more than a black bar instruction like: “Turn the circles to the correct position.” Ah, yeah, knew that, but how exactly, when they seem to have a mind of their own?

There were things done right. The parchment scrolls with fate’s predictions of them were cool. Some of the puzzles were clever. There were a series of deciphering puzzles that looked interesting but which were indecipherable due to those earlier mentioned lack of proper instructions.

I am unhappy I bought the SE version of this game, let alone forking out for a CE, which has only wallpapers and further torturous game play to offer.

I don’t recommend this game!

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