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Re:Thank you from Boomzap!

[Post New]by flapper40 on Sep 21, 12 9:35 PM
i love these games but this one is frustrating the mini games have no info and in the mini games if u do something in the wrong order u cant fix it and then u have to start the game from the start

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Re:Thank you from Boomzap!

[Post New]by CelticCoco on Oct 4, 12 5:33 PM
Hey Chris and the gang:

Loved the game, I have all the rest of the Awakening games, and I can hardly wait for the next series as hinted at in the Epilogue. However, I need to add my voice to the others. We pay double to get that so-called bonus content, and the extra play was very short. I also see that even though it was a beautifully illustrated new portion of that world, it was a bit glitchy.

The bottom line is that the game was a lovely way to end the Awakening series; ignoring the Epilogue.


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Re:Thank you from Boomzap!

[Post New]by JerryInWales on Nov 14, 12 9:08 AM
Sullivan1818 wrote:I do have one question that I haven't seen addressed anywhere else in the forum, on every screen that I play in the upper corners, both left or right, or sometimes both, there is a "bar" that looks like it has tourquois stones in it. It sits for a few seconds and disappears, some times both corners at the same time, but doesn't seem to have a purpose. When I click on the bar, it disappears. Can you tell me what this is, if it has a purpose to the game and if so, how am I supposed to use it? Thank you again to you and all your team members for a JOB WELL DONE.

Have just noticed this one: I think what you are seeing is the lower part of a conversation panel that's right at the top of my screen. Some commentary appears here, for instance in the first few scenes, when you talk to the unicorn. After a few seconds it disappears so you can see the whole screeen.
Maybe your screen is missing the top inch or so? Check the resolution just before you start.

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