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Re:Reviews for Adelantado Trilogy: Book One

[Post New]by riefer on Oct 27, 12 6:51 PM
I really liked this game at first, but the more I played, the more repetitive it got. I got to the very last chapter and then didn't bother finishing it. The story wasn't good enough to make me want to do another of basically the same level, just to see how the story goes.

Here's every level, in a nutshell:
Build farm/woodcutter, etc, upgrade where possible. Build watchtower. New area opens, with "higher-level" resources like stone. Build quarry etc to get those, build another watchtower. Just keep going like this, building watchtowers and whatever other stuff you can. At some point you'll find a tunnel that'll lead you to some other small area or to a cave, which you finish and then come back. When you get close to the end you build a shipyard. Then you talk to the chief and he sends you on some quest. You find the thing he wants, he gives you another thing which you give to the last chief, who gives you a piece of the medallion.

Every. Single. Level.


Re:Reviews for Adelantado Trilogy: Book One

[Post New]by PhaedrasPhantasy on Nov 4, 12 11:12 PM
I have a love / hate relationship with this one. It is very playable, has great graphics, and a good storyline. I was impressed enough to buy it, and very excited to play it through. I really could have become addicted to it except for a few things, all small, and all mentioned here, but the one thing I just could NOT deal with was the constant, constant screen chatter from the lead fellow. Build this, do this, upgrade this....ummmmm can I get the first thing done before you throw four or five commands on screen? And this was in relaxed mode, where I started out just to get the feel of the entire game after I bought it. It became so annoying I shut it down on my 2nd play through and haven't gone back to it. If you can get rid of that annoyance, I'd gladly buy the next two, three, or a dozen, but that just drove me up a wall. In relaxed mode....well kind of means I am getting the lay of the game, slowly taking my time, and the constant screen banter made me want to tell that guy to shut up already! I cannot imagine playing against the clock with all that going on. As someone said earlier, everything is built in the same exact order every time, there is no choice about that....I think I am intelligent enough to remember the pattern, because it did not change, and there was no option to start, say with the woodcutter instead of the garden, so why would I need all that screen clutter? It was bad enough trying to find space to set a new building down with the old ones padlocked up and no way to tear them down, blow them up, or set them on fire to get them out of the way without being told 9 or 10, or 500 times to build a sawmill to improve performance....Just my humble opinion, but this could have been something awesome, except for the tiny little "bugs the crap out of me" things mentioned previously here, and my own small issue with it, which is huge to me, LOL! Seriously, I think this series will do very, very well.... if it just has a few things twitched a bit.


Re:Reviews for Adelantado Trilogy: Book One

[Post New]by Tiddleypom on Nov 12, 12 5:26 PM
What absolutely exceptional graphics, this game is really beautiful
really worth the money
some cons as mentioned by others
Not being able to save mid game, or demolish the padlocked buildings
and having to talk to every Indian got a bit repetitive
"Hello I can help you" " That's OK I am going to smash your pots!
looking forward to the next one

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Re:Reviews for Adelantado Trilogy: Book One

[Post New]by cabogal on Jan 3, 13 4:05 PM
I luv this game and can't wait for Book Two to come out. I hope the game developers are reading theses suggestions.

Some cons mentioned by others.....

Inability to either tear down or repair padlocked buildings
Inability to adjust the angle of a building as you position it
Areas you could place builders were restricted - several times I placed buildings in a location that was makred green and yet when the building was built the program repositioned the building - which ruined my strategy because it ended up making it impossible to place other buildings nearby like I'd planned.
Not being able to move buildings when lots become scarce - this wouldn't be as importantif you had the ability to repair or demolish abandoned buildings

This was one of those rare games that kept me up late at night wanting to play more and more, that is, until I was 2/3's the way into the game and then I felt like it was such a time waster and I couldn't wait to finish it. I grew so tired I waiting and waiting for the Conquistador to finish menial tasks, which, BTW, workers should be doing. Then it felt like I was watching paint dry as I'd watch him travel from 1side of the realm to the other to speak to a Chief. Let workers do the menial tasks..

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Re:Reviews for Adelantado Trilogy: Book One

[Post New]by madgicsh on Mar 13, 13 6:32 PM

#2 is even better than Book One! The developers listened to and implemented every sensible suggestion they were given. Sorry BigFish, I just had to buy it direct, couldn't wait.

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Re:Reviews for Adelantado Trilogy: Book One

[Post New]by LoisMac on May 8, 13 6:32 PM
I would love this game if you could pause between missions, And if there was a hint system. I was missing 2 gold at the end of a chapter and had to go. It could be anywhere. [b]So had to start whole chapter again.


Re:Reviews for Adelantado Trilogy: Book One

[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Aug 13, 13 1:52 AM
My Favourite Resource Management Game


You are a Spanish conquistador charged with rescuing the lost expedition of Adelantado, rebuilding abandoned encampments, dealing with the locals and exploring new territory. And of course the most important sending home gold to Spain. History is messed with pretty severely here – all the native tribes are happy to see you, you offer only help and don’t slaughter any of them, and the only threats are from cavemen. Still, it’s a great adventure.

You have 4 levels of difficulty to choose from, including relaxed with no timer. Or you can play with timer, and even if you don’t finish the level in time, can go on to the finish, and still move on. Some levels are only available if you have completed all other levels to expert status.

About a year ago, I thought I’d find out about resource games and trialled a dozen of them. This is by far my favourite. There is a lot more flexibility in this game, to do your own thing – where you put buildings, which buildings to go for first. There is a lot of instruction given, but after the first stage of a level you can choose to ignore the advice.

The game looks good, the characters move well, and the sounds are a fun part of the experience. There are many different kinds of locations to explore, each level map is quite big, and there are lots of little side quests as a result of interaction with others.

There are jewels to find that enhance your abilities such as speed and oratory, and secrets to be learned (but which are not essential for progress), so Don Diego does a lot of beating the bushes and breaking jars and barrels, while the workers follow his instructions to build, mine etc. At the end of each level, you get a piece of a golden artefact.

The biggest frustration I found with the game was the space restrictions when trying to expand the settlement. There never seems to be enough to do what needs doing. So the fact that no building, even abandoned ones, can be demolished is a pain, but I notice this is fixed in the next Book.

The tutorial was enough for me to play the game through even though I was a totally raw beginner, but it might be too much hand holding for some.

I had a wonderful time with this game, and completely lost myself in it, even though it is not my usual genre choice.

I recommend this game!

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Re:Reviews for Adelantado Trilogy: Book One

[Post New]by unclepaul on Sep 16, 13 7:28 AM
I can accept this game the way it was meant to play apart from one thing. The linear nature of the puzzles. I have enough materials to build that dam, but it says that I cannot do that yet. And why I have to get another oratory stone, talk to that native way across the otherside of the map, then I can come back and build the dam.
Or it migt be to pick up a herb or a flower I have come across. I can see it is different enough that it must be part of a later quest, but no I cannot pick it up til I go talk to this guy who says I need to pick this herb or that flower. What a pain.
I have played many adventure games where the collecting of items is not limited to a strict order of picking up. This game falls short in that aspect and could save a lot of time if none of these items were restricted in that way.

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Re:Reviews for Adelantado Trilogy: Book One

[Post New]by bessiegirl on Nov 17, 13 7:03 AM
Only played a few minutes of the demo and didn't find this game to my liking....scene moves around with mouse and I didn't like that. ....seemed a bit slow and boring too.....think I'll pass on this one.


Re:Reviews for Adelantado Trilogy: Book One

[Post New]by LST325 on Jan 9, 14 2:50 PM
Extremely frustraging.
No save feature is making this game unenjoyable.
If you leave the game for any reason, you must start at the beginning again.
I have done this 4 times. The last time I was all the way into Chapter 2, level 3 when for some reason the screen locked up. No choice but to reboot.
Back to the beginning again. I will not purchase the rest of the series.
How hard would it be to have a save function??


Re:Reviews for Adelantado Trilogy: Book One

[Post New]by dianeke on Jun 10, 14 3:34 PM
The one thing I do not like, so far, is the fact that I can not save my progress in the middle of a level. Unless I'm missing something, I have to complete the level or start over from the beginning. I started one level FOUR times for various reasons. I like to play a while and come back to it later and this doesn't appear to allow me to do that!

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Re:Reviews for Adelantado Trilogy: Book One

[Post New]by Mamayaya on Jun 29, 14 6:05 AM
For me, the technical difficulties with the constant flickering screen got in the way of playing the game - On Windows 8 & up. I played it over a year ago on Vista and had no problems. Book Two had some screen problems on my old computer so I held off buying Book Three. Now that I have a new, improved Windows program, I played Book Two. Enjoyed it so much I wanted to go back to Book One and encountered serious screen flickering which makes the game unplayable. I see no point in buying Book Three because it will probably only play on Windows 10.1. Not much of a Trilogy. I am extremely disappointed.

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