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[Post New]by Sept24 on Oct 31, 12 12:12 PM
DragonLadyOz wrote:
Sept24 wrote:I wrote a negative comment previously but I was wrong after getting into the game more it is really good and I'm glad I bought it.

Thankyou for returning to the forum to update your assessment.
All too easy to be an adversary in light of what is expected ... despite the changes/developments ERS have made recently (I would like more HOS myself as they are great at doing these), to appease the Adv players etc.

It sometimes seems like people get almost hostile about there preferences between the adventure games and the people wanting more of these types of games (like me) and those who prefer hidden object scene heavy games. I noticed someone wrote that ERS was calling this a hidden object game to attract the gamers who love hidden objects and to fool them. I think it is more likely they are trying to please both styles of preference with a combination game and with some games heaver on the hidden object and some heaver on the adventure side. I wish they would put out more games like Azada In Libro myself which of course is strickly adventure. Even when there are no hidden object scenes there are still objects and things hidden throughout the games and so they still call it hidden object I guess. I would be curious to know what percentage of people prefer adventure and prefer hidden object scenes. The makers of games must have a handle on this because they want to appeal to the most fans and sell the games.



[Post New]by disgruntled_girl on Nov 4, 12 6:55 PM
I did like the artwork and the music, but it was disheartening and even distracting that after nearly step or puzzle - I would find myself going "Why would I need to do that?"
This has a lot of potential but the pacing is shot. Someone was too eager to push this out the door and did not think to logically link anything together.

I DO love the idea of the cat hologram as a tool. This additional puzzle solver is spot on and a very creative idea. So .. why is everything else illogical, chopped up and frankly not even remotely linked to one another?

You are often left wondering how does your character know to do things, you find yourself hitting the hint button a lot and you become grateful for the railroading.

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