Re:Reviews for Haunted Legends: The Undertaker Collector's Edition

[Post New]by longstockinggirl on May 4, 13 12:47 AM
This review is based on the completed CE version played in advanced mode.

Unfortunately, I must disagree with the many who are thankful for another ERS game... I picked this up with the recent sale, and other than a few interesting puzzles and hidden object scenes, this game was a huge disappointment. The story falls somewhere between "pretty lame and "really bad" - and then the writers 'phoned in' the ending. For those hoping the bonus content would wrap up the story, I did not think it got any better.

While some interactive hidden object scenes were quite clever and some of the puzzles rather enjoyable, there were some item usages that simply defied logic. On a couple occasions, it took me forever to figure out I needed to put the dog bowl on top of the ladder to reach the necklace to turn on water (Not a real example).

Although few games rate an A+ from me; my critique is not overly harsh. Sadly this one is a solid D. D for disappointing, because they really could have done so much more. With a better ending and overall story, the weird item logic would have been much more tolerable! Also, as others have mentioned, the game did lag at times - almost freezing - and I had to force a program close twice, which is an unusual occurrence on my computer.

There are many games (by this developer, even) much more deserving of money, credits or punch card coupons.

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Re:Reviews for Haunted Legends: The Undertaker Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Tomsde on May 10, 13 10:28 PM
I like ERS games a lot and I must say that this gives you plenty of game play time for the money. I liked the fact that ERS did not use live actors, but animated the entire games cut scenes. I also found the artwork and music to be up to their usual standards. I didn't personally care for the plot line of this one very much and out of all the Haunted Legends Games I think this one was the weakest; my favorite remains the Queen of Spades.

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