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Re:Reviews for Azada: Elementa Collector's Edition

[Post New]by dlcoyte on Mar 7, 13 8:25 PM
ERS you guys slacked off on this one... or something

HOGS were in yellow and red lettering that was Very hard to see against dark back. Why not white and yellow... that took all the fun out of them... Graphics for you guys on HOGS was I think terrible..???

and as a few other reviewers,mcm2c felt like I didnt know where and what to do and why... to all over the place and confusing.

I like all of your other hidden object games but no love for this series and this one seems really not up to Par at All!!!... Sorry... Ive played tons of games and yours and this isnt your best at all....

I loved the interactive map and what to do where, but HATED the "are you sure you want to go there" bit... YES NO.... Some games let you turn off the objective places and lets you see map and hop around and figure things out.. thats a good option..

ok IM done... Wanted to buy due to no CE a lot out lately on BFish... no buy as a SE for me for this either..


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Misses the Mark Completely

[Post New]by mrssharon on Mar 7, 13 9:38 PM
I enjoyed the first 3 Azada games, but can't say the same for this one. This is completely unlike any of them. The colors, the visual quality, the logic... all different and not in a good way.

The first HOS I encountered was a blurry jumble. I believe I asked for 2 hints which is uncommon for me. Some items were nearly impossible to see, and I have to agree with other reviews; the list was difficult to make out, too.

The puzzle to open a door (I think it was the first) was one I thought would be rather easy, but again, no logic to it and lots of frustration.

I only played 26 minutes and was so frustrated by the lack of logic in the game. I was lost from the get-go. I rarely have to ask for a hint on the first task but could not determine how to accomplish it!

The magic bottle was silly, as was the creature. I really had no interest in the creature, naming it, giving it an age and hometown, puleeeze! This felt more like a child's game than a grown-up's adventure.

There was a lot of distraction... the endless dialog and tutorial. I said I didn't want interactive help and got it anyway.

I am not hung up on who the developer is for any of the games offered, but if this is the best that can be done, I'd say it's time to give up the day job. What a ridiculous piece of nonsense! I most emphatically would not recommend this game!

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Re:Reviews for Azada: Elementa Collector's Edition

[Post New]by CelticCoco on Mar 8, 13 12:59 AM
Wow - some reviews one this one! Well, I am right down the middle.

I like ERS games and graphic style, usually. The game is lovely, but a bit blurry on my computer at least. The HOG scenes were ok, but the list was hard to see with the coloring and fancy font. Love the handsome man I'm supposed to meet in the garden (didn't get that far). As to the little helper, he was fun but really wasn't needed.

However, Azada began as a puzzle game, which is why I liked it. The second game was different, but still puzzles. By the third (ERS by now) it had become a mixture; adventure light with added games and puzzles. This one is totally different, a standard HOG adventure with puzzles added.

The game is ok if you don't view it as part of the series; as a standalone it is nice. Maybe too cutesy and a few too many little critters for some tastes. I'll probably wait for the SE. (Although the coloring pages look cute - if you can print them).

My recomendation is to forget the name is Azada and just enjoy.


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Re:Reviews for Azada: Elementa Collector's Edition

[Post New]by lym_1609 on Mar 8, 13 6:39 AM
This must be the BEST so far in the series. Interactive HOS, collectibles coins to enable u to buy clothing for your pet, customizable pet, from head to tail literally!
Great graphics, opens nicely in wide screen mode. Easy to mid difficult puzzles, but fun. More of a puzzle adventure, cum HOS game. Very different from previous series and a definite improvement after so many years of learning...."magic"

Ya, this does magic seriously. Hook line and sinker

CE too. worth it, BUY


Cuddly Animals

[Post New]by themouse020 on Mar 8, 13 7:27 AM
I believe someone here pointed out that Elephant games also have animal characters and "everyone" loves them. Hmmm. Actually, I believe Elephant introduced the concept in Mystery Trackers: The Void, and ERS (and others) picked up on it. I don't think we're bashing ERS here - I was very impressed with Penumbra Motel, but it was an adventure game, not a HOG. The real issue for me is when a game series is altered mid-flight. I was delighted with the Puppetshow series, then in the last game the villain was turned into a misunderstood but basically good girl. Yeesh! The Haunted Halls series started out as a creepfest, but by the time the Dr Blackmore edition came out, we were dealing with sweet kittens. I think fantasy and sweetness have a place in games, but not in series which start out as something else. Elephant HAS started to explore fairy tale themes, some of which I liked a lot, and some not so much. However, the Elephant games generally have quite good minigames, and the graphics are true widescreen 16:9, not 4:3 with a decorative sidebar. Personal opinion: both developers should make games for all tastes, but keep the spirit of each franchise intact. Not everyone likes horror, and not everyone likes kittens. That's a good thing......

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Re:Reviews for Azada: Elementa Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Kirland on Mar 8, 13 9:18 AM
Based on what fishies are telling me, I will wait for a DD on this game.


Re:Reviews for Azada: Elementa Collector's Edition

[Post New]by ladigue on Mar 8, 13 11:13 AM
I played part of the demo and wrongly assumed as Azada was in the title, it would be a quality game and a safe buy. Im gutted and feel conned. Utter garbage.


Re:Reviews for Azada: Elementa Collector's Edition

[Post New]by CathyCatfish on Mar 8, 13 1:28 PM

i could not be more disappointed with this game.
IT IS *NOT* AZADA, even though the title says otherwise.
it is now just another of the ERS clones. sad, very sad.

i'm sure all the HOPA people are very happy, but there ARE some of us who love PUZZLE games which make us *think*, and, sadly, one of our dear puzzle games has been turned into HOPA pap.

i played the demo to the end. here is what i found:

*the artwork was OK (standard ERS)

*the music got annoying after 15 minutes (again, standard ERS)

*cursor worked fine

*the "cute" little creature annoyed me to no end, always popping up with gibberish, which added zero to the game play (and we're supposed to name him? dress him? what? are we 10 years old, playing with our barbies? dumb, really dumb)

*a transporter map that makes you VERIFY that you REALLY want to jump to the location you have chosen? how annoying! perhaps there should be a button that says "no, i just clicked on this location for something to do because i was bored."

*"puzzles" are ridiculously easy, which is sad. i hate seeing these games dumbed down to the point of GIVING us the solution, then click a few times, "puzzle" solved.

*i had to click "skip tutorial" SIX TIMES because the tutorial kept popping up, no matter HOW many times i told it i was not interested! seriously? is ONCE not enough? silly question, obviously. it also makes me wonder how many MORE times the tutorial came up after the hour demo was finished.

*washed out HOSs with difficult to read lists (both colors and font) of items and, typical ERS, you must play the HOS more than once. boring.

and, it seems that one more time, ERS has put the true ending of the game into the BC. i have it on GOOD authority (!) that they did so in the last CE they released (grim facade: cost of jealousy) even though a few people argued with me.

also, I did some research on the homepages of all four games in this series:
*azada: 4.2 stars [88% recommended]
*azada: ancient magic: 4.2 stars [85% recommended]
*azada: in libro: 3.9 stars [78% recommended] (and first ERS development)
*azada: elementa: 3.1 stars [59% recommended]

stars and recommendations have decreased after ERS took over. interesting.

no buy for me, not CE, not SE. i want a game that challenges me to THINK. I want a story that is complete in the SE.

i mourn the death of azada.
those who worship ERS will probably love this game. i have left the altar.

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Re:Reviews for Azada: Elementa Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Linochka on Mar 8, 13 2:45 PM
I agree with a lot of people here.Very strange game.All the time I was playing I was catching myself thinking...Why am I doing this and what's the point of this game...
Normally I like or dislike the game,with this one.... I am not sure if I like it or not.

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Re:Reviews for Azada: Elementa Collector's Edition

[Post New]by endofmonth on Mar 8, 13 5:22 PM
It has a crazy amount of distracting, childish stuff. Besides the primary story, you have to find animals (with a startling bugle "charge" sound every time), design a pet and name it, etc., dress the pet with collected pet-specific coins. The pet is necessary at some points in the game -- there's no getting around the whole pet thing, it's integrated into the gameplay as written -- but every time it's activated it makes a really unpleasant noise.

If not for the kiddie pet aspect, it would be a regular adventure+HOG, the usual ERS experience (whether you love that or not) plus familiar Azada music.

The pet thing was uncomfortable, juvenile, and unavoidable. I deleted for that reason. Maybe this was geared toward kids, I don't know.


Disappointing for Original Azada puzzle hounds...

[Post New]by LenaHen on Mar 8, 13 6:11 PM
... more of the same for the ERS led-by-the-nose HOG hounds.

Based on the strength of Azada 1 and 2, and hoping that 3 was an aberration, I purchased this game without checking the reviews and without a trial. Sadly, it was not.

Setting aside the technical issues I had with this game (access errors - and apparently not uncommon), I have to agree with many of the other reviewers that the addition of the "Pet" was unnecessary, irritating and very juvenile; not at all in keeping with the sibling rivalry theme. You CAN ignore the digital-dress-up aspect, but the critter intrudes in a most patronizing way during the gameplay itself.

The game is almost 1GB in size, and even with a decent (but not bleeding edge) video and memory, it had sluggish performance on Win7. While I found many of the HOG objects difficult to locate, I am not complaining -- isn't that what "hidden object" means? However, many of the interactive HOG items as well as the gameplay were simply STRANGE combinations.

Since I (now) own all four games, I went back to check. Azada 1 and 2 were produced by BigFishGames (and by the names in the credits I'm guessing from domestic US game developers). The same crew did both 1 and 2. The next two are both ERS -- a completely different production crew. I have enjoyed many of the ERS games, but partly because I was not looking for a challenge from them; I find them all fairly similar in graphics, sound selection and plot lines.

I particularly object to the "Collectors' Edition" marketing for this game - the first time a CE has been offered for Azada. Although having easy access to the music and artwork is pleasant, it's certainly not sufficient to justify the double-credit price.

And about the story line -- WHY only three elements? Oh, wait, if they had to do four, and tie the whole thing together, the game size would be closer to 2GB.

Recommendation: If you're looking for a return to the challenging puzzles of the first two Azada games, avoid this one.

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[Post New]by sfcali on Mar 8, 13 6:13 PM
midori2 wrote:
themouse020 wrote:I agree that ERS has taken Azada in a direction which no longer interests me. I do wonder what demographic the designers are aiming to please - I'm a 62 year old puzzle gamer, and have no use for cute animals (or cartoonish bad guys, for that matter). This company has systematically turned Phantasmat, Puppetshow, and Azada franchises into games that only a child could love (just my opinion, mind you..). I do see some great reviews for the game, so there must be a market for this. Am glad that some fishies are enjoying the game. Just wish that we could start seeing games aimed at the less cutesy crowd, particularly those we loved in their original creepy forms. Bottom line is always sales - if enough fishies want to dress up cute animals, ERS will keep sending them our way. BTW, it is also pretty boring to hear the same musical backgrounds over and over again - if the company is making money, it should invest in some new music, and a game engine that can do graphics in widescreen. Until then, I'm not buying any more from these folks.

Yes, yes! I couldn't have phrased it better! Big Fish - please take note of what TheMouse is saying here - we're not all 10 year-old little girls playing games on our pink laptops in our pink bedrooms on our pink canopy beds! Some of us are adults looking for a challenge, which, by the way, the first developer of Azada completely fulfilled.

I agree completely. Those who enjoy ERS's productions will enjoy this one, no doubt. Afterall, Azada was a terrific franchise with a unique concept and some enjoyable gameplay. How much could be changed?

Unfortunately, too much. It is simply unfair tactics to keep "Azada" in the main title. When you order a double chocolate mocha with extra whip, you don't want to be handled a glass of Nestle's Quick and be told "it's good enough because, after all, it's also chocolate."

I do not like standard hidden object scenes, so when I happily discover another installment in one of my favorite puzzle adventure series, only to find the graphics are different, the gameplay is different, the entire feel of the production is different, and only a loosely connected story about Azada brings it together, it's very disappointing. I'm not trying to be harsh on the developer here, but I think it's wrong to use the title if you're not going to stay true to the concept in full.

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Re:Reviews for Azada: Elementa Collector's Edition

[Post New]by ledheadmelli on Mar 8, 13 7:09 PM
I'm on the fence here, too! I very much like cute little animals (The pocket dragon in the Awakenings series is my favorite!) and I own and love many games by this developer. I think the disappointment lies in our expectation of something completely different by virtue of the game title. I expect a certain type of gameplay from games I buy - whether it be strict adventure like Return to Mysterious Island, detective work such as Nancy Drew, civilization building like Virtual Villagers or My Tribe, role-playing like Kudos or Life Quest, building games, etc. You don't buy a Match 3 game for the HO scenes.
Azada was a very unique game with original puzzles similar to the first Ravenhurst door puzzles - you really expended brain cells and felt quite the sense of accomplishment once solved. I was so excited to see another Azada game out and could barely wait for the download. And I was very disappointed that this was just another HOG, just like the hundreds of other titles out there. Not that I mind HOGs, but I was looking for that unique aspect that the name 'Azada' represented, and I did not get it.
And just for the record, any game that requires me to pay double or not have an ending....no sale, on principle alone. Very bad marketing ploy that has now given me a wary eye for these devs - what a shame!

And before I climb off my soapbox:

"EDITED to explain the censor! You know the word where you grab something really quickly? It rhymes with hatch? Well, that is the word I used, a perfectly decent word, used in context."

I HATE moderating that plays down to us as if we were children! You don't treat me like a child when you access my credit card every month, do you? We CAN handle shortened terms for Hidden Object games and words such as the one mentioned above (or "suck", which is what I thought they censored) without losing our poor immature little minds! People here are, for the most part, pretty decent and respectful to each other. And when someone steps out of line, the fishies step up and protect each other. Serious infractions can and should be dealt with immediately by the mods, but PLEASE stop insulting us with this Beavis & Butthead vision of what offensive language is!

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Re:Reviews for Azada: Elementa Collector's Edition

[Post New]by jojo_the_joyful on Mar 9, 13 1:26 AM

Yes the auto sensor is rediculus. I think it says more about the filthy minds of the programmers, than the language they are trying to filter out.

From what I can gather though, the sensor is bought as a "programme package" and BFG don't have a say.

There is a bloke quite famous for many roles, particulaly for being Bert the Chimney sweep in Mary Poppins. His name is **** Van ****. YOu can have a water container but not a water **** b u t t , yet the are games on here that use the bar stuard word & get away with it.

Anyway, about this game. Yes it is Azada under false pretences if being compared to the earlier two who were made by a different firm.

Yes ERS have added their own twist to the series, which makes it very unlike the earlier two.

But I ask this. If the original devs had anymore great ideas to follow on in the lines of 1 & 2 why did they not act on it instead of passing it along. We can only buy and play games devs develope and it is pointless whining that they do not make the games we want them to make. Its a bit like complaining your beef burger has horse meat in it when horse meat is a lot more expensive than cow meat. (I'm from the UK LOL)

Having said all that I love this game. I am playing it on advanced mode and the puzzles are easy enough, the whole game is pleasant & relaxing to play, easy on the eye and generally of a good standard.

The pet IS pointless but cute all the same. What they have done here is put out a game suitable for the whole family and IMHO many of their titles do not meet that criteria.

So if you can get passed the title of the game & stop comparing it to earlier releases, all in all it is a very nice game to play.

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Re:Reviews for Azada: Elementa Collector's Edition

[Post New]by hcatb on Mar 9, 13 5:15 AM
cbtx wrote:It seems that ers has completely thrown out the ideas and concepts that made the first Azada games so likeable and so memorable, and instead have come to believe that Azada games should go in an utterly disastrous direction.

I enjoy reading cbtx reviews because we are usually on the same page about games we like or dislike and this is one of them. This game was so disappointing that I wouldn't even buy it as a DD. I love the Azada series and was looking forward to this new release but by the time I got my first pet, I had already decided playing this demo was a waste of my time. I cannot add more to the review because cbtx said it all. I think ERS should delete the name "Azada" from this game.


Re:Reviews for Azada: Elementa Collector's Edition

[Post New]by feenix2011 on Mar 9, 13 10:29 AM
I had read alot of the reviews before playing this game, and now that I have finished the game, I read the rest of the reviews. All of them were very good and "right on"! I have never played any other Azada games, so I have nothing to compare it to. I thought it was a very entertaining game, alot like so many others out there and evidently NOT like the other Azada games. I agree that dressing up the little whatever it was, was stupid, but as someone else mentioned, probably trying to appeal to the whole family. I absolutely HATED the HOS - I probably need bi-focals now. I'm never thrilled with HOS, but these really annoyed the heck out of me. I also, didn't understand that blue bottle at the bottom of the screen and then when I did, I kept forgetting about it!! So in summary (!!), there were certainly enjoyable parts of the game and some things that got on my nerves - but not enough to not play. I guess this game is a disappointment to the other Fishies that have played the first Azada games, but if you haven't, it should be a pretty good time.


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Re:Reviews for Azada: Elementa Collector's Edition

[Post New]by nyc240 on Mar 10, 13 5:55 AM
I have to add my voice to those in this group who have negatively reviewed the newest Azada. This was one of my favorite series and it has now fallen prey to the boring, repetitive, HOS formula game. Devs should take note that most of us long time casual gamers no longer enjoy hunting through stockpiles to earn items that have interesting shapes to open other items that contain more shapes that open other items....and so on.
Azada was one of the rare examples of games that use the adventure/puzzle format that many of us love. More please.

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Re:Reviews for Azada: Elementa Collector's Edition

[Post New]by audreydi on Mar 10, 13 2:06 PM
I loved everything except the ( Hidden Objects) Very bad red on green go back to plain text and white on black with mabe red on white background ,could not see without a magnifying glass that was a chore.I am a Hidden Object fanatic,find them peaceful and relaxing to play but not like this game`s Hidden Objects.my graphics card and everything are new in this wdws 7 computer,top`s of everything ,so text in these types of games should be readable.


Re:Reviews for Azada: Elementa Collector's Edition

[Post New]by quarlesqueen on Mar 10, 13 2:59 PM
I purchased this CE, but now wish I wouldn't have, it has got to be the most confusing game, when trying to figure out, how I feel about it exactly.
When I buy a game, I do like to complete it, this one I don't want to complete, just wish it would be over, and that is sad.
I just can't quit put my finger on it, I do know that I don't find it fun, it is more tedious than enjoyable, in the game play, itself.
The animals don't bother me, didn't find it too cute, for me anyway, and for everyone complaining about the H0 scenes, there are so few of them, in this game, that you can't even call it a H0 game, IMHO, so I don't understand that.
I can see why some would have a hard time with the font used in the H0 scenes, I have bad eye sight, but didn't have an issue with them, I could read them just fine.

I do feel like the game is all over the place, so there is no good flow, to the game play, which is a big red flag, and probably one of the reasons, I'm not enjoying this one, and all of the back and forth, is just a turn off for me.
I also had several places, were I tried to use an object, and it wouldn't let me, than when I asked for a hint, it was the same object, I already tried, and I don't usually use hints, but needed to in this game, in some places.Sorry it just didn't have the wow factor, or even the fun factor, to me.
It's a shame because I can see that a lot of hard work went into making this, but it just got on my nerves, for some reason, instead of being and enjoyable and fun game, and I don't say that about many games..SORRY

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Re:Reviews for Azada: Elementa Collector's Edition

[Post New]by jillaroogirl on Mar 10, 13 7:41 PM
Well, I was thinking of buying this game, because even though it wasn't like the other Azada games (which are fantastic) it had enough to keep me interested. I did find however, the objects in the hidden object scenes hard to find and the music was annoying...but then I got the black screen of death and that was it for me. A no buy.

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