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Re:Reviews for Castle: Never Judge a Book by Its Cover

[Post New]by vicalana on May 21, 13 9:33 AM
EagleWolf wrote:WOW! I just finished this game and it is one of the best I have played in a very long time (besides The Princess Case: A Royal Scoop). I give it a 10 or 20! This game kept my interest from start to finish, is much much better than the James Patterson series and was a lot of fun.

I am so tired of the dark ones (Hidden Object) that keep coming and coming in long lines of negativity and not so fun games. I have thought of just plain giving up on Big Fish Games after trying a long string of this type. But I see reviews from others who feel the same way, so I keep hope alive that there will be a good mixture each week. I know lots of folks like games that have terror and twisted minds and all manner of mahem and weirdness. Just like some people like the same in movies. But I really want to enjoy and relax with quality themes. Yes, there are murders in Castle Never Judge...but it is not focused on the macabre or
making you sit in terror of what happens next...

The Castle game is supposed to have another one behind this...I hope it is soon.
I have started playing the games I bought that are sweeter, nicer fun types and finding something a little lacking in comparison, but better than the current fare.

Totally agree

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Re:Reviews for Castle: Never Judge a Book by Its Cover

[Post New]by mary102696 on May 28, 13 9:41 AM
Here's my review of the finished game. I got it on sale for Memorial's day buy one get one free.

This was one of the most enjoyable hidden object games I've played in a long time. The graphics were excellent of course, it is by one of my favorite developers, the music was very appropriate and the storyline was excellent. I've never watched the tv show so perhaps I'm missing out.

I was hooked during the trial and played this in two sittings which I never do. Very very good job developers.


Re:Reviews for Castle: Never Judge a Book by Its Cover

[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Jun 6, 13 4:28 AM
Verdict From A Non-Fan


I don’t watch TV, so I’ve never seen the series this game is based on, and I am judging this one strictly as a stand-alone game. I also am not a fan of REALISTIC VISUALS and MAP-DRIVEN GAMEPLAY. By that I mean, no point and click adventure, you move to new scenes with a simple ‘jump’ on the map. So all things considered, you’re getting a tough reviewer here.

And I thought it was okay. The GRAPHICS were EXCEPTIONALLY CLEAR for this sort of game. Which means the ugliness I normally associate with this style of graphics was absent. HO scenes were well-lit and the items clearly visible, also a step better than usual. Everything was very professionally done.

The GAMEPLAY was EQUALLY DIVIDED between HOS and PUZZLES. You visit the HOs twice. They are fairly static, with a little interaction. There were puzzles and mini-games that were new to me, and every act involving an electronic device triggers some kind of puzzle, so there were quite a few.

Not knowing the show, there were aspects of the STORY that made no sense to me, like the interaction between Castle and his family, and why a writer is a partner with a homicide detective. All else was STANDARD MURDER MYSTERY fare, very much similar to the James Patterson Women’s Murder Club game series.

I felt the game was a little slow, by the end of the hour, I didn’t feel I’d achieved much and I still had no idea where this was heading. Still, it is a mystery after all.
I would imagine this game will be enjoyable not only to Castle fans, but also to those gamers who enjoy realistic stories in realistic settings, but I don’t think it will set the world on fire.

I recommend this game!

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Re:Reviews for Castle: Never Judge a Book by Its Cover

[Post New]by Gwion on Jun 8, 13 4:44 PM
I haven't ever watched the show, but I enjoyed this game quite a bit.

It reminded me somewhat of the Women's Murder Club series, and even more so the Criminal Intent game. No voiceovers--too bad, because I liked Nathan Fillion in Firefly! The graphics weren't super-exciting either; not like you'll see in recent big-budget games.

But if you want a straightforward mystery game with an understandable plot and tasks that make sense, here you go. No guessing what in heck you're supposed to be accomplishing, just lots of fun with HOs and some GREAT puzzles. As a puzzle freak, I have to say that these were different from the usual fare. Some were tougher than the norm and I needed a pencil and paper. But all the puzzles were a blast to figure out.

There's a jump map, which is awesome, with little badges to tell you if there's something to do in an area. That cuts down on wasted time trying to remember where to go.

For all its good qualities, this wasn't the most challenging game I ever played. It's not a big-budget production with animated cutscenes or voiceovers. But it gets a big A-plus for fun.

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Re:Reviews for Castle: Never Judge a Book by Its Cover

[Post New]by eaharo on Jun 18, 13 10:22 AM
peglegann wrote:Just from the demo
I have never even heard of this show/film??
Anyway, as well as the excellent reviews so far, I can only add, that this is far too easy, even in the hardest mode
Except the puzzles, which are quite challenging. To me anyway
I liked the HOS in the apartment, as it made me feel like someone had been through all of his stuff. They are all junk pile HOS, which I sometimes feel is lazy on the part of the dev's. Just MHO.
I think a lot of people will like this, as it is not drab and dreary. LOL!
Worth DLing and trying, if you can.
Happy gaming everyone.

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Re:Reviews for Castle: Never Judge a Book by Its Cover

[Post New]by ember89 on Jun 26, 13 2:02 PM
this reminded me of when i tried that game they made about House, MD... such a great idea and such poor follow through!

the character renderings are excellent, but the rest of the graphics are... eh...
there are no voice overs and the cut scenes are choppy comic book pages where the artists didn't feel like giving it their best...

the hidden object scenes were ghastly, the colors all blended together and the objects were fuzzy... and the puzzles were ones we have seen before in better games with better results...

now... as a fan of the show, i enjoyed the plot and the banter between characters i have grown to love... if i was not an avid and advanced gamer, this would SO be a buy for me... but i am, so it's not...

[based on completion of chapter one at 51mins]

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Re:Reviews for Castle: Never Judge a Book by Its Cover

[Post New]by Seester2 on Jul 30, 13 6:12 PM
LOVED this game! I have never seen the show, but the game was a 10 out of 10 for me! Loved the 'police work figuring out the bad guys' theme...MUCH better than having to follow ghosts and demons like most of the other games that are available. More like these PLEASE! I have played police detective type games before, and the graphics and game play were lame...this one was top notch for me!

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Re:Reviews for Castle: Never Judge a Book by Its Cover

[Post New]by SavemeJack on Aug 3, 13 7:17 PM
Finished this game last night and was pleasantly surprised. I won't go into all the details as they have been covered in earlier comments.

Very much like the Women's Murder Club series, which I am missing. This was a mystery story just like those. I don't even have a TV so have not watched Castle before, but I didn't feel at a loss because of it.

A couple comments: The graphics are outstanding. I found them bright and so much easier to find the objects, which some were interactive. So, so, so TIRED of junk-piles in dark places. So, so, so tired of trying to beat the non-human demons, witches, and other-world creatures. So this was a nice, humorous game that was a pretty complicated mystery to me. The puzzles were new and somewhat challenging, but at least winable. The characters were real human beings doing what real human beings do worse - murder. Since I have never seen the show, the murder board was a bit of a mystery in itself, but not necessary to the game in any way.

Thank heavens for the jump map, as there were items you found in one place that were necessary to solve a scene in another place. Jump map was also good for a quick jump to the lab when you got a call, or to a new murder site.

If you are looking for a very long, complicated game, this is not for you. I had a good time playing it; the length for me was about 5 to 6 hours.

I am also surprised by all the great reviews here, as I thought this would be a dud compared to the new CE's that are out now. Glad to see that some people still enjoy a good mystery, bright scenery, and a challenge to find the "bad guy."

Please try before you buy as it may very well not be your favorite type of game or favorite cup of tea. Swim on, fishies! Glad to be back.

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Re:Reviews for Castle: Never Judge a Book by Its Cover

[Post New]by candycreme on Jul 17, 14 10:22 PM
I am so happy I bought this game .I really enjoyed playing it didn't want it to end .Hope we get some more like this .Really enjoyed it!

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