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Re:Reviews for Mystery Murders: The Sleeping Palace

[Post New]by kat1117 on May 9, 13 8:29 AM
kat1117 wrote:I may use a coupon for this one. Nothing new or great, but still nice. I was stuck a couple of times too. If you use the map to jump from room to room & then ask for a hint & I think you can become unstuck pretty quickly.

Wow. After reading this forum, I think I will wait a while and see if this game gets any fixes. I guess I will look for anothe way to spend my punch coupon.

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Re:Reviews for Mystery Murders: The Sleeping Palace

[Post New]by herchev68 on May 9, 13 11:45 AM
Now that the fix is done, I finished and enjoyed this game. Thanks to the Dev. and BFG Well worth buying this one!!!


Re:Reviews for Mystery Murders: The Sleeping Palace

[Post New]by alidylizzy on May 9, 13 1:30 PM
I bought this game before I read the reviews. As many of us I am stuck. I have gone through the rooms at least a dozon time and have been able to find the next thing to do. BF we need to have a walkthrough or at the very least a hint button that will help. I have played a lot of games on here, have bought games on here but this one is very disappointing.

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Re:Reviews for Mystery Murders: The Sleeping Palace

[Post New]by mhatfie on May 9, 13 3:54 PM
I broke down and bought this game against much trepidation but I have to say I am really enjoying it. Its really very well done, never mind that there is no walkthrough, you do get through it albeit a little slower that you would with a walkthrough. I am so glad I bought it.

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Re:Reviews for Mystery Murders: The Sleeping Palace

[Post New]by katkarman on May 10, 13 5:13 PM
I did not like this game. The HOS were to camouflaged. The map was not very helpful to show what areas something to be done. The graphics were okay .... I used up my trial trying to find places where things could be done or use inventory.

So this one is a no buy for me....

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Re:Reviews for Mystery Murders: The Sleeping Palace

[Post New]by ELadyG1013 on May 10, 13 6:11 PM
This was actually a very nice game ! Although, in the beginning I was stumped terribly, and wanted to just give up, but decided to come to the forum for help. I read just about all of the issues different ones were having and found that I was in good company !! I took the advice from those of you who had overcome areas that I was trying to get to, and that helped me a lot, so to all the helpers in the pond...a big warm thank you from the I finished the game....not a bad one either !! Thanks BFG and devs for this one...nice job

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thank gawd it's over. lol

[Post New]by slinkysmom on May 12, 13 6:53 AM
I just finished this game and I have to say I wished I had given it a pass.
Needed the walkthrough too many times to mention. ( I never use them as a rule).Was a run here there and everywhere to pick up this and do that with no real flow to where to go next to do what.
Thankfully it was a game credit buy.
Not recommending this to anyone.
This is a complete miss by BFG.


Re:Reviews for Mystery Murders: The Sleeping Palace

[Post New]by kmsim15 on May 30, 13 3:44 PM
This game was extremely frustrating for me to play. I was stuck almost immediately after I started the game. It is definitely not a well made game. There are a lot of objects that you have to click on the same spot several times to finally get the object. There are a lot of rooms to go to and after a while it gets to be quite taxing to travel from end of the palace to the other. Another complaint is that there are a lot of things that sparkle and let you look at them, but there is nothing to actually do with them, they are just there for looks. I just found the gameplay to be very disjointed and not smooth at all. I ended up not being able to finish the game because there is a glitch in the game and I do not want to have to start this whole game over again.

I was willing to start over for the new Dark Parables game, but that game was so enjoyable for me that I did not mind playing it again. This game however, I would not start over again.

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Re:Reviews for Mystery Murders: The Sleeping Palace

[Post New]by Sprattie on Jun 12, 13 7:14 PM
I finished the demo against the advice of most of the people who reviewed it on the intro page, and found that I rather like it. It's very like the Dominic Crane games, but has more of a story and a bit more head-scratching which I really, really like. I hate having my hand held!

The best thing about this game is that it's completely Mac friendly, with no clunky poking and dragging on the track pad. That's truly a wonderful thing after the last few dreadful "Mac versions."

I may purchase this one if I find a credit lying around.


Re:Reviews for Mystery Murders: The Sleeping Palace

[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Jun 17, 13 5:37 AM
Ornate, Opulent, Over The Top


First of all, it is ESSENTIAL that you IGNORE THE INTRO if you are to give this game half a chance. The opening scenes and (written) backstory delve into new depths of awful. Definitely felt like something dragged from the vault where it had been lying for eons.

The GAME is not that bad. It is PRIMARILY HO SCENES with some older WELL KNOWN & EASY PUZZLES, and the mystery is in finding your way about the palace. That is tough, the palace is huge, but you have a NON-INTERACTIVE JUMP MAP to help.

HINT is USELESS outside HOS. Just the “nothing to do here” message. And even when it does indicate a hot spot, it is not necessarily one you have the inventory items for now. That’s REALLY ANNOYING.

I admit the GRAPHICS are not to my taste. They are a strange mix. Some CLOSE-UPS are clearly HAND DRAWN. The HO SCENES are REALISM, CLEAN & CRISP, but are so embellished with gilt and ornate tapestries that, for me, I can hardly focus my eyes - literally. Some of the OUTSIDE scenes are gorgeous.

The STORY comes out piecemeal, via the “Heart Of The Palace”, an entity of mechanical/magical origins which took it upon itself to put all the inhabitants to sleep when a disaster threatened. You awake with no memories of who you are or why you are in this magnificent edifice, but you start remembering pretty quickly.

You must fix the “Heart”s mechanical components. Solve the mystery of who killed the King – if indeed he is dead. And there is also a ROMANCE to be sorted out between you (a commoner) and the Prince and Heir to the Throne. So you’re going to be a busy girl.

Minor details – my cursor felt draggy in this game, and that doesn’t usually happen with my pc.

The HO SCENES are for the most part NOT INTERACTIVE, but every now and then, an action is required, but there will be no indication on the list.

While the VOICEOVER was GOOD, there was TOO MUCH CHATTER from our character. AMBIENT SOUNDS, when I turned them up, were WONDERFUL.
This is not a game I would buy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s okay. Many people, particularly HO FANS WHO PREFER REALIST GRAPHICS, will like this game.

Okay as a Daily Deal for the rest of us.

I recommend this game!

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Re:Reviews for Mystery Murders: The Sleeping Palace

[Post New]by lovemybook on Jun 17, 13 4:34 PM
I had to delete the game without giving it a good try. Basically a slow cursor combined with murderous clicking penalties - bad combo for me. I'm biased against a game with clicking penalties anyway and with the slow cursor it was too frustrating.


Re:Reviews for Mystery Murders: The Sleeping Palace

[Post New]by feenix2011 on Jun 23, 13 2:32 PM
Just finished playing the game, and boy, am I exhausted!! For every, oh say, 10 or 15 minutes of game playing time, I had another hour or so running around the palace and its grounds just to see "There is nothing to do here, blah, blah, blah." I really hate the games that don't give ANY kind of hint as to at least which way to go. Show me the way and I'll figure out what to do when I get there!!! The graphics in this game did look a bit outdated, but the palace was indeed, beautiful, as were the grounds. I refered to the Walkthrough - thank goodness there was one by the time I played- maybe three times, when I was at the point of throwing my monitor out the window and kicking the computer across the room!!! (I would have wrapped the wire on the mouse around my neck, but I have a wireless mouse!!) Anyway, it certainly was very frustrating at times and alot of going in and out of the same rooms trying to figure out what to do with inventory items. The other thing that was frustrating was the way the hint button would circle an item, for example, a mirror, that you had nothing in your inventory to do anything with at the time. What I did like was the story. I liked the twist at the end. The story is what kept me going. Anyway, to each his own taste. I don't think this will go down as one of the most popular games around!!


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Re:Reviews for Mystery Murders: The Sleeping Palace

[Post New]by Jurinne on Jul 1, 13 10:20 AM
I am completely stuck. The Hint button tells me there is nothing to do and to search elsewhere. Where? I can't go anywhere else!

I'm glad I found out about this problem before I bought the game. I won't buy it; I won't even use it as a freebie.

The Hint button might as well tell me to sprout wings and fly around the room.

No sale here.


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Re:Reviews for Mystery Murders: The Sleeping Palace

[Post New]by Sprattie on Jul 2, 13 10:38 AM
Well, after rather liking the demo against so much negative advice, I purchased the game with a credit and have completed it. I took my sweet time, looked around at everything, and used my (rather elderly and creaky) brain, and had a pretty good time.

Good things:
- completely Mac-friendly
- clearly-designed, interactive map
- pleasant, if old-fashioned, graphics with lovely details
- not many HOs
- some very good and unusual puzzles
- no hand-holding at all, anywhere, which I really like
- pleasant story with a happy ending, and no witches, demons, or ghosts, or lost children

Not so good:
- a few silly glitches, as others have mentioned e.g. sparkles where there is nothing going on
- no animation or cutscenes anywhere, even at the end - just two cardboard cutouts in front of the castle
- rather short - completed in about 3 1/2 hours

I would recommend this game to someone who wants to use their brain, likes solving puzzles without a lot of help, and has a credit lying around.

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Re:Reviews for Mystery Murders: The Sleeping Palace

[Post New]by roaming on May 30, 14 10:58 PM
The hints in this game are very erratic and often unhelpful. First, you have to look around to find where the circle of stars is rotating as there is no trail. Secondly, most often it seems the hints point quite uselessly to an area with nothing more to do. Thirdly, and most importantly, there is the dreaded "Nothing to do here now" hint, and the map does not tell you where something needs to be done. Thankfully, the map is transporting as the palace is quite a maze with many turns and different rooms to look into.

The hints and skips refill quickly. None of the HOS are very difficult, but are somewhat blurry in places and very clear in others. I do not ever play puzzles, but I did not have to wait long to skip them. Yea!

I agree with dancemom1 that this could have been a good game with just a little more effort on the part of the devs. However, I would not recommend it for beginners simply because of the confusing hints and unhelpful map.

My feeling is more one of disappointment than dislike, but it won't be a buy for me.

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