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Re:Reviews for Rooms of Memory

[Post New]by Sandyinuk on Feb 8, 15 4:32 AM
I did like this game but seems same person always wins the lottery( blue gems ) i have never been near lol, it gets boring after a bit as you seem stuck on the same bit over and over again and why should you have to pay anything for a so called free game?


This post is for Elvira from siouxzeeQue

[Post New]by siouxzeeQue on Apr 9, 15 4:41 PM
[b]Hi my name is Suzanne siouxzeeQue, you've sent me a message today and I'm not ignoring u I just can't get the mail box to work any ideas??? Before I pull my hair out and have to actually contact BF, but I will they have always been very good to me anytime I have contacted them in the years I've been playing on their site. Hope to be able to communicate via my mail box soon or however your suppose to in that silly game.

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Re:Reviews for Rooms of Memory

[Post New]by mahoje on May 20, 15 6:51 AM
This game is not free, i ran out of energy and crystals and you need to purchase crystals from the bank to continue .I think its a scam and wont be back playing again. Very disappointed

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Re:Reviews for Rooms of Memory

[Post New]by hornhunter on Jul 22, 15 8:08 PM
I've been playing for 5 months. This game is free, I have not spent a penny on it. You just have to have patience. And don't expect to play for long periods of time when first starting out.

The good: There are many tasks and special weekly offers to complete, so the game will keep you busy for many months. The graphics are great, which is especially important in a hidden object game. I enjoy the social aspect to the game as it makes it more of a community than just another find the object game. The forums are the best place to learn how to play the game. Lots of different rooms to play, and with multiple modes (such as daylight, night time, reversed room, puzzle, ghost, twilight genie, octopus) you get a variety even when playing the same room.

The bad: Glitches in the competitions, duals, and the in-game mail. Luckily there are only a few tasks that require you to use these. So it doesn't ruin the game, but it would be more fun without the freezing issues. Even with the freezing problems, many players like this game just for the competitions.

Overall - 4 out of 5 stars. I would give it 5 stars without the glitches.


Re:Reviews for Rooms of Memory

[Post New]by Meenz88 on Aug 6, 15 1:55 PM
I would like to ask if anyone knows how to wake up friends


Re:Reviews for Rooms of Memory

[Post New]by gingerb22 on Sep 18, 15 11:39 AM
Love The Free Game, Awesome Look To It!
I Am Able To Find The Items,
However I Feel Like I Am Having To Pay For
More And More Diamonds To Play !
This Makes It Very Irritating!
I Can Understand Making $, But, People Who
R On A Fixed Income, It Just Can't B Done.
I Will Let The Creator Know That This Game Was
Recommended To Me From Another Member
Of My MS Group Among Other, And I Have Found
It To B Very Helpful (Hand, Eye To Hand Connection
Is Something With This Disease That Has To B
Relearned Many Times!) So Thanks, and Just Hoping
There Is Something That Can Be Done About
The Energy Levels!


Re:Reviews for Rooms of Memory

[Post New]by Massenergy on Sep 19, 15 4:18 AM
Stuff I like:

Stuff I don't like:
Competitions (loading crash, how people score so ridiculously high)
Energy balance. (I get more energy as I level, but searching also requires more energy).

The primary reason I don't intend to spend money on the game are the don't like stuff. What's the point of competing against somebody if you have no chance? The energy balance makes it an arms race that you can't win. So I would end up constantly buying energy boosts or be patient. I'm choosing the patient route.

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Re:Reviews for Rooms of Memory

[Post New]by rmarie_rom on Oct 23, 15 8:58 PM
I have been playing since Dec.2014, this game is unique in game play. Not only do you offer in depth structure with multiple strategies, you also add a sense of belonging in the neighborhood aspect. The game also relates to the players holidays, which to myself is a fun plus. The glitches also become a sense of yep...this is the game I love, not perfect but what is? So anyways, thank you for giving many a lace to spend their time happily

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Re:Reviews for Rooms of Memory

[Post New]by rmarie_rom on Oct 23, 15 8:59 PM

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Re:Reviews for Rooms of Memory

[Post New]by Vodo86 on Mar 27, 16 7:01 AM
Very addicting game, well designed environments and somehow challenging.
Maybe a little too challenging in some parts, like events and magic gates exploration, which need too much effort and time than you can give with a relax game..


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[Post New]by rlwmevj on Jul 20, 16 6:16 AM

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Re:Reviews for Rooms of Memory

[Post New]by bfgPanthalassa on Aug 31, 16 5:28 PM
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Re:Reviews for Rooms of Memory

[Post New]by anarita78 on Oct 15, 16 7:09 PM
I love this game.
However, there are things that could and should be improved, like the ability to give energy sources to others.
After a certain level you hardly need them and it's a waste of energy accumulating for nothing when others could make good use of it.
Giving pearls to others would be good too. I have thousands of them because I don't use them and again, it's a waste of resources.
Another great thing would be to have our neighbors ordered by level in the management section, so it is easier to locate them and edit our list.
Please consider this suggestion as I am sure many here are of the same opinion.
Thank you!

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Re:Reviews for Rooms of Memory

[Post New]by missourigem on Oct 17, 16 5:24 AM
I agree with anarita78. Well thought out comments and would be VERY welcomed. The only other suggestion would be to have the parts of a quest 'roll over' to the next time it comes up instead of having to accumulate that part again. As long as you have accomplished that already have it count toward what you need this time around. Thank you.

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Re:Reviews for Rooms of Memory

[Post New]by Kittypurrrs on Feb 19, 17 1:43 PM
I have a love/hate for the game that leaves it at about a 6 on bad days and tops at 8 for the good ones. I would give it much higher score but, every problem that has occurred since the beginning of this thread still exist! Just what does that say about the game makers customer service?


Re:Reviews for Rooms of Memory

[Post New]by JairSadieWalter on Jul 28, 17 5:23 PM
I have been playing for about a month and I like this game a lot. The graphics are great, the storyline is entertaining, and the quests haven't so hard that I lose patience. And I can accept that my energy is so low that I have to stop playing after only 20-30 minutes- it refills quickly enough and it's nice to have little breaks.

However, I am having a problem completing regular quests because of interference from the "offer" quests. I need a charge from a unicorn that I can't put on my wish list but I can't get a unicorn to show up after over 20 tries using up my precious energy. Nothing but the nurse ghost for offers that I have no intention of even trying. I'm sure more experienced players are thrilled to have these offer creatures, but they're a serious inconvenience for me. I think it would greatly improve the game if newer players were allowed to decline special offers to focus on the ones that won't go away after a week.


Re:Reviews for Rooms of Memory

[Post New]by Randall_my_son on Jan 17, 18 9:23 AM
Hi, I am new here and I like the game very much, but it would be great if anyone dropped me a friend!
Sometimes I get stuck and would appreciate a piece of advice
But the game is sure great![/size]

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Re:Reviews for Rooms of Memory

[Post New]by Desp1na on Jan 27, 18 11:19 PM
A note to all active moderators of Rooms of Memory (listed below)

I would like to thank you in advance, knowing how busy you all are, for liaising as soon as possible with the developers, requesting them to alter the levels from 2,001 to be altered to 3,001.

- bfgArinelle
- bfgBeruna
- bfgIlinalta
- bfgLianorm
- bfgFlounder
- bfgMurrumbidgee
- bfgOkeechobee
- bfgPanthalassa

Kind regards,

NB: I will be posting this message in other announcements, as will not be sending private message to the moderators.

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