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Re:Nearwood Collector's Edition

[Post New]by azada72 on Aug 24, 13 12:02 PM
I seldom comment on a game.. But I loved this game..It is adventure and fantasy all in one.. The graphics are great and the video scene on the opening menu page is awesome.
The music is quite relaxing and makes you slow down and play the game at a leisurely pace. The voice overs were ok..
The little old elfin man that was supposed to help you find your way along was sometimes annoying, but cute..
The puzzles weren't too difficult and there were only 9 or 10 hidden object scenes. there are cute little animals you encounter along the way..and in the bonus game are Fixies (sort of a fairy)
There were cute little creatures called "Snoop-sees" to find.. Every three you find opens another page of their story. I was so enthralled with the game I forgot to read their story.. LOL.. Next time..
This is a game I will play over again like the first 3 Dream Chronicles.
I am not very experienced in reviewing a game. I just had to say this is a lovely, lighthearted, fun game. A nice respite from the dark and evil games.

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