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[Post New]by aqcheryl on Mar 3, 14 9:56 AM
I hated when Isis got trapped in the mirror as well, and I constantly cringed every time I had to send her in some dark hole!

But I have to say, I didnt like the ending, when she left at the end of the game. We need her for future games! LOL

Did anyone else get upset about not being able to rescue that kitty in the HOS in the castle, the one with the kitty in the crate? At first I thought it was Isis but it wasnt.

Speaking though of animals in this game... I felt bad for the old rabbit. I know its just a game but that little guy was in that hat through old age.. all alone.... apparently that hat had a nice stock of carrots.

But am I the only one bothered that I had to kill a fish in the bonus game, just to get a stupid statue piece?

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