Re:Post Any Technical Problems For Myths of the World: Spirit Wolf CE here only

[Post New]by jladebug7 on Jun 2, 14 6:55 AM
After I put the Carved Stone Symbol on the rock for the mini game... Moving tiles around to form strings of colored sections, I can't move the tiles to connect to each other after they get piled up on each other. The spaces that open up after moving the tiles will not allow me to place a tile in it afterwards. And I don't see a reset button for the game.


Re:Post Any Technical Problems For Myths of the World: Spirit Wolf CE here only

[Post New]by ciebritton on Jun 17, 14 2:14 PM
Issue opening the Symbol-Code Box that is supposed to give you Dynamite...

Gisellesc60 wrote:When trying to access the lock box in Shamans tee pee, I have the combinations but it still will not let me put in the characters. I need to access the box or I wont be able to move on

I can't get the Dynamite box to open either. I Have tried twice. The first time I played the game a little out of order from how the strategy guide showed, So I tried again with a new profile. I played it out exactly as the Strategy guide instructed to the Shaman's Tepee where the box is supposed to open when you push the correct sequence of symbols (Using the code given: Sun,Tepee, flower, leaf, fish). It Still didn't work. I tried it over & over, the box simply won't open! It is extremely frustrating!

The last time I had technical problems with a game I was told to try series of possible fixes. ...Unfortunately the only way to know if the problem was solved was to play it over & over again after each "possible fix"... I know it's a big job to deal with technical issues, & I appreciate all that BFG does to keep things running smoothly... But it's very frustrating to play a game halfway through 3-4 times without being able to move on.

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